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Brunch All-Day Long at B4 Market


There's something so heartwarming about a brunch. Waking up to eggs on toast or sugary waffles is one of the best ways to start a weekend morning. But the brunch concept has extended far beyond California—it's now a worldwide phenomenon, some might say. In Bucharest, the food scene is varied and exciting. The capital of Romania is divided into sections, and each one has its own plethora of unique dining experiences. We headed to one of the more upmarket establishments, B4 Market, on a sunny weekday in the capital.

b4 market
Image courtesy of B4 Market

As we wound the streets, we ended up in the upmarket area of Dorobanti. We were pleasantly surprised at how big the restaurant was. It was situated on the edge of a beautiful park, about a stone’s throw from Lake Floreasca, one of the must-visit nature spots in the city.

There was something very unique about the B4 Market space. From the outside, the restaurant resembles a shipping container convert. The kitchen and back of the house were situated inside the building, and it was extended in all directions for dining. The architecture reminded me of a beautiful Greenhouse—all the walls and ceilings were clear glass, the frames painted forest green to match the beautiful view.

Image courtesy of B4 Market

Customers can choose to dine at the luxurious leather booths, cushy fabric chairs, or even the fabulous wood-finished high-top seats. It is no surprise that B4 Market is popular all-day, from breakfast to dinner, filled with the fashionable young people of the city.

Walking to our table in the early afternoon, the place was buzzing with groups. An influencer hotspot, many Romanians were snapping away on their iPhones, posing around the restaurant. The music was playing disco house, and the vibe was upbeat.

B4 stands for Beans, Bread, Breakfast, and Bistro. Specialising in an all-day menu, you can choose to eat their famous breakfasts even as late as 9 pm. We chose the Avocado Toast and Sweet Waffle, as recommended by the owner.

b4 market
Image courtesy of Rosie Fay

B4 is famous for its handmade bread. The Avocado Toast, despite being a simple order, was unbelievably special on their fluffy, gorgeous smelling, perfectly toasted, bread. The avocado was mashed in with ripe cherry tomatoes and fragrant chives. It was perfectly positioned on the bread and then topped with two fried eggs. I cut into the egg and watched the ripe yolk spread into the plate. The first bite was unbelievable, and it was washed down by a perfect Soya Cappuccino. As my meal continued, each bite better than the last, I slowly filled up and watched my serving not get any smaller. For less than €7, this meal was all I needed, all day.

My partner, with his sweet tooth, enjoyed the Sweet Waffle. The waffles were made just as we ordered them – they were fluffy and slightly toasted. The waffles were topped with fresh seasonal fruit—including ripe bananas and sweet blueberries. With a drizzle of Maple Syrup, and washing it down with just squeezed Orange Juice, he leaned back and unbuttoned his jeans, for a meal well done.

b4 market
Image courtesy of Rosie Fay

Once our meals were finished, I ordered myself another Cappuccino. B4 creates their very own blend of 100% arabica beans. A medium-light roast, it has notes of black chocolate, nutmeg, and caramel jam. The soya milk was heated just as it should be, and again, the coffee was delicious.

As we wrapped up our meal, we watched the early afternoon crowd set in and the cocktails flow. Cigarettes were lit, laughter was heard all around, and the music got louder. Battling a serious case of FOMO, we set off for a lovely sunset walk through the park, to the lake. We wandered the boardwalk, saying hello to friendly locals and their dogs along the way.

B4 was one of the best breakfast dining experiences I have had. I headed back the next week to purchase their bread, to try to recreate the Avocado Toast at home. Sadly, it would never live up to the first experience in this intimate stylish restaurant. We would highly recommend visiting B4 for breakfast, lunch, or dinner whilst visiting Bucharest!

54 Lt. Av Radu Beller Street, Bucharest, Romania, (0724) 588 591,


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