Blair Crichton Launches KARANA, Asia's First Whole Plant-Based Meat Brand

We speak to KARANA's co-founder Blair Crichton on plant-based dim sum, sustainability and how KARANA will revolutionise the food industry.

Image courtesy of KARANA

Could you tell us about your journey to KARANA?

If you’d asked me 5 years ago where I saw my career going in the future, I definitely would have not answered being a founder of a plant-based food company. I started my career in banking working for HSBC in Shanghai, Hong

Kong and New York. Whilst I learned a lot from those years, I was never fully satisfied as I wasn’t doing something I was passionate about. I left banking to get my MBA at Dartmouth and it was during this time that I made the decision I wanted to do something that helped address climate change and environmental issues. At first I was mainly focused on renewable energy, but I was also keeping tabs on the emerging food and tech space. I was