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Brand Feature: Claus Porto

The pleasures which come with stocking the bathroom with lush aromas need not be underestimated. One cannot deny the joys which come with opening a fresh bar of soap and spritzing a seductive scent on the nape of the neck. Each week, we explore some of the most luxurious independent brands from across the globe, and this time, we’re going for a soap and fragrance house. We delve into the origins and products behind luxury German-Portuguese brand, Claus Porto.


Claus Porto was founded by Ferdinand Claus and Georges Schweder, two German gentlemen living in Portugal. They opened their first national soap and perfumes factory, Claus & Schweder, in Porto in 1887. The marriage of the European identities brought together what the brand is now—a venerable beauty and fragrance house with over 130 years of experience in the industry. Inspired by Portugal’s lush countryside, the brand continued to live up to its reputation by imbuing its products with the most luxurious ingredients and scents to attract modern ladies and gentlemen. Each product is hand-wrapped and the packaging is illustrated with extraordinary illustrations and colours.

Image courtesy of Claus Porto

The Collections

Predominantly specialising in soap and fragrance, Claus Porto currently has five unique collections. The Deco Collection uses bold patterned labels taken from the brand’s extensive archives and draws on the charming designs from the 19th and 20th century, emphasising the beauty of Portugal’s lush countryside.

Image courtesy of Claus Porto

The Deco Collection initially launched as a variety of soaps, blended with shea oil for moisturising but now offers a range of liquid soaps, body moisturisers, hand creams, aromatic candles, and fragrance diffusers.

Classico soaps are the essence of Claus Porto and reflect the brand’s late 19th-century heritage. Featuring 16 moisturising soaps blended with pistachio butter and fragrance, the collection boasts vintage imagery and showcases the stunning Portuguese architectural styles and patterns. Shoppers can also choose from the gift box selection for presents or the eye-catching notebooks.

Image courtesy of Claus Porto

Fragrance is at the core of Claus Porto, and the exquisite Agua De Colonia Collection expresses the beauty of Portugal’s picturesque landscape, from the pine forests of Comporta to the citric groves at the river Douro. Comprising five unisex fragrances, the collection presents a choice of some of the label’s signature ingredient-infused bestsellers.

Designed for the modern man, Musgo Real helps to master the art of grooming. The collection features four lines—the Classic Scent, Oak Moss, Orange Amber, and Spiced Citrus. Choose from the label’s shaving products, colognes, and soaps.

There are also a few special edition collections which include a history book of the company, and the launch of an exclusive, limited-edition perfume created by British perfumer Lyn Harris.

REVIEW: The Products

We tried a selection of Claus Porto’s recommended products, which included a range from each luxury collection.

Image courtesy of Claus Porto

Agua de Colonia Collection’s Agua Porto

The Agua de Colonia Collection takes on a journey through the aromatic landscapes of Portugal, from the ocean breeze pine forests to the sun-basked tropical gardens. We tried Agua de Colonia 5: Porto (€90), which reflects the city by the sea. The sensual fragrance is inspired by Claus Porto’s hometown and is inspired by centuries-old stone, wild flora, and the vivid scent of the sea. In the mist, there’s bergamot, lemon, orange, and petitgrain infused with galbanum. The cypress and juniper complement the amber and musk to create a sea-like scent taking us to a pier in Portugal.

Image courtesy of Claus Porto

Deco Collection’s BANHO Citron Verbena Moisturiser

Claus Porto’s BANHO (€32) is a citrus feast, an indulgent moisturiser with refreshing notes of lemon, orange, verbena, and basil. The simple and effective solution is perfect for daily use and leaves behind a delicate scent on the skin.

Image courtesy of Claus Porto

Deco Collection’s Gift Boxes

If it’s a gift you’re looking for, look no further. Claus Porto’s Deco Collection gift boxes are a visual delight, offering some of the most vivid designs from the brand’s archives for an all-in-one treat. We got the Gift Box Deco (€40) which includes three soaps from the Deco collection—Banho, Ilyria, and Madrigal, each withholding its own unique fragrance and personality. Each soap is blended with shea oil and draws on the dramatic designs that first made Claus Porto’s debut in the early 20th century.

Image courtesy of Claus Porto

Deco Collection’s BANHO Citron Verbena Hand Cream

We tried another one of the signature scented BANHO products, the BANHO Hand Cream (€20), which is perfect for the summer—given its citrus, verbena combination. The hand cream was very silky upon touch and instantly moisturises and nourishes the skin. We would advise applying it a few times throughout the day to keep hands hydrated.

Image courtesy of Claus Porto

Guest Soap Box IRIS

Every one of Claus Porto’s products are undeniably eye-catching. The Iris (€24) was no exception, boasting a rainbow of M&M-like soaps in an elegant box. The product is inspired by a 1919 original and features 15 guest soaps for everyday use.


Claus Porto’s flagship store is located on one of Porto’s most traditional streets, Rua das Flores, taking up three stories of 19th century townhouse. The ground floor is the shop space, the middle floor is dedicated to the history of the brand and hosts regular exhibitions of the brand’s archives, and the top floor is opened for special occasions and to learn and experiment. The brand also has two outposts in Lisboa and one international branch in New York.

Claus Porto, Rua das Flores 22, 4050-262 Porto, Portugal, +351 914 290 359

Claus Porto, Rua da Misericórdia 135, 1200-272 Lisboa, Portugal, +351 917 215 855

Claus Porto, Rua dos Bacalhoeiros n.º36 1100-071 Lisboa, Portugal, +351 910 154 046

Claus Porto, 230 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012, USA, +1 646 609 2922(3)


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