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Brand Feature: Keren’s Garden

Finding good quality, premium indoor and outdoor plants in Hong Kong can be a challenge. Small apartments lack outdoor space and gardens, so the next best option is to bring the plants indoors (or even on the balcony). Keren’s Garden is a well-known plant delivery company, offering authentic, well-kept plants for home, and outdoor keeping. We delve into a few of the products which we tried for ourselves.

kerens garden

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers Times

We Tried…

Image courtesy of Keren’s Garden

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is an air-purifying plant and is recommended by NASA. Keren’s Garden recommends that you place it in bright indirect light, water regularly when the topsoil is dry, and when it’s ready, the plant will grow shoots with baby plants with air roots. We decided to leave it sprouted out as it looks more natural and beautiful.

Image courtesy of Keren’s Garden

Snake Plant

Another great air-purifying plant, the Snake Plant is recommended to stay in bright to moderate lighting. It can be under direct sunlight and thrives on neglect—meaning you can leave it for months without water, and it only requires feeding when the soil is dry. This is helpful if you’re a frequent traveller.

Image courtesy of Keren’s Garden

Peace Lily

And lastly, we tried the Peace Lily, which is also an air purifier and can flower all year round. The pretty plant makes a staple addition to any household, and won’t wilt thanks to its excellent preservation.


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