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Dancing to the Top: Larsen Thompson Talks Dance Choreographies, Horrorscope & New Music


Photo by Felipe Espinal. Fashion by Missoni.

Imagine, as a 15 year old, uploading a dance sequence to Beyoncé’s hit Run the World, then the next thing you know, the video hits 8 million views, landing yourself in music videos for The Greatest by Sia and American Money by Børns thereafter. The next year, it's Beautiful Trauma by P!nk and Chained to the Rhythm by Katy Perry. This is the life story of Larsen Thompson, or really, it's just the first few chapters in.

The American starlet started dancing at four and trained in hip-hop, contemporary, tap and ballet. As she saw her career blossom, she performed as a backup dancer for music icons like Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Silento and many others. This went hand in hand with her modelling career, as she began working with fashion couture houses like Dior, Valentino and Marc Jacobs, all the while featuring in publications such as Harper's Bazaar, The New York Times and Forbes.

And it doesn't stop there. The multi-hyphenated talent has also added acting to her resumé, starring in Mike Flanagan's The Midnight Club on Netflix and is venturing into a singing career too. We sat down with Thompson to chat about her life and aspirations in the industry.

Photo by Felipe Espinal. Fashion by Missoni.

1. You’ve starred in Katy Perry, Sia and P!nk music videos and you've choreographed a few dances. How did you discover your passion in dancing?

I started dancing at the age of four and began working in the industry when I was around 12. Being able to entertain through a form of expression is where l thrive, and dance has always been an outlet for me in that way. The P!nk music video was definitely a highlight in my career as I was able to collaborate with her/the choreographers and fuse my love of fashion, dance, and acting into the role.

2. How did you prepare for your role as Julia in Mike Flanagan’s latest horror/thriller series, The Midnight Club?

Julia Jayne, my character, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I did my best to research the diagnosis along with the treatments you undergo to get insight into what she was facing! Cancer in adolescents is up to 5,000 to 6,000 each year and taking on the weight of that and respectfully putting myself in their shoes.

Photo by Felipe Espinal. Fashion by Missoni.

3. Congratulations on the recently announced news that you will be joining the upcoming film Horrorscope, based on the same-name novel by Nicholas Adams, directed by Anna Halberg and Spenser Cohen from Screen Gems and Alloy Entertainment. What can you share with us about this project so far?

I just wrapped up filming this project in Belgrade, Serbia and it was an incredible experience. The film focuses on seven college friends who get their horoscopes read and then begin dying in ways connected to their fortunes.

Photo by Felipe Espinal. Fashion by Missoni.

4. How did you discover your confidence in acting?

My confidence in acting starts with being passionate and bringing my unique self out in any role I play. This affords me the opportunity to take risks while allowing my personality to shine through hopefully inspiring and connecting to the audience.

5. What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career and how did you overcome them?

Learning at an early age that rejection is a part of this business has allowed me to have a positive outlook and appreciation for every role that I audition for.

Photo by Felipe Espinal. Fashion by Missoni.

6. Is there someone (a director/actor or actress/dancer/designer) in mind that you would love to work with one day?

Jessica Chastain is somebody I look up to and admire. Not only that she is a world-renowned actress but she is also a redhead that inspires young women like me to follow their passions and dreams and embrace their individuality. I would love to work with her one day.

7. What other exciting projects do you have in the making?

Right now I’m working with my team to launch my new single in January. I am so excited to share my music, my message, and my hope to inspire others.

Photo by Felipe Espinal. Fashion by Missoni.


All imagery is provided by Larsen Thompson.

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