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Dubai Bling Season 2 – Who Are the New Cast Members?

After its successful debut in October 2022, where the show hit the top 10 on Netflix internationally, Dubai Bling has made a season two comeback with its iconic celebrities in tow. Featuring everyone from the first season’s cast, including Loujain Omran, Zeina Khoury, Danya Mohammed, Kris Fade, DJ Bliss, Ebraheem Al Samadi, Safa Siddiqui, Farhana Bodi, and Loujain Adada. However, this Season also includes some exciting cast additions.  

1) Mona Monica Kattan


New to the show is Mona Monica Kattan, co-founder of Huda Beauty, who makes a sudden entrance in the first episode. Caught between the divide of the original group that was caused due to incidents in Season 1, Mona’s presence in the show adopts a neutral stance on the Zeina-Ebraheem drama. This season's trajectory instead focuses on self-growth and showcases Mona’s chance to make new connections and explore her professional and personal aspirations. A great addition to the show, the Kayali perfume brand owner harmonises perfectly with the glamour and ambitiousness that the cast originally exudes. 

2) Hassan El Amin

Hand-in-hand with Mona is her husband-to-be, Hassan El Amin. Season two of the show also features their romantic connection and marriage goals. Little is known from the show about Hassan’s career background, however, his degree in MS Insurance and Risk Management allowed him to rise in the ranks to Head of Facultative at Aon Reinsurance Solutions. No stranger to entrepreneurialism, Hassan remains supportive of Mona’s success and inspires her to grow in different areas. 

3) Mohammed Ali

Another exciting addition to the Bling party is introduced through Instagram celebrity Farhana Bodi’s pursuit of true love. Coupled together by an elite matchmaker, Farhana, along with the Dubai Bling cast, are instantly smitten with the Iranian-born kick-boxer champion Mohammed Ali. Famous for his numerous awards and nicknamed “The KO King” for his powerful hits, Mohammed Ali remains on the show for a significant period, leaving us all anticipating his and Farhana’s potential romantic futures. 

4) Wadih El Najjar


A common name amongst socialites in Dubai, Wadih El Najjar also makes a handful of entrances during the show. Known for his impressive social network and entrepreneurial successes, including his role as Lifestyle Director at Rikas Hospitality Group, Wadih adopts a consultative and friendly role within the Dubai Bling Group and lightens the mood of every scene he walks into. 



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