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Hilton Lake Como's Ilaria Pellegrin On Luxury Travel & New Collaborations – Interview


Hidden within the lush mountains and the glistening waters of Lake Como, an idyllic paradise inspires poets and captivates travellers with its enchanting beauty. It is here that the Hilton Lake Como stands, a modern lifestyle hotel that beautifully blends traditional charm with contemporary elegance. Housed in a historic silk factory, the hotel offers stunning 360-degree lake views, luxurious suites, a pampering spa, and a sought-after rooftop cocktail bar and restaurant. It serves as a gateway to unique experiences, making it a top destination for diverse visitors.

At the heart of this exquisite setting is Ilaria Pellegrin, the Commercial Director at Hilton Lake Como. Bringing a decade of experience with Hilton, Ilaria infuses her passion for hospitality and commitment to sustainability into every facet of the hotel's operations, striving to provide guests with a home-from-home stay while mentoring her team towards eco-friendly practices.

1. With your background in both hospitality and fashion, how do you merge these two worlds in your role as the Commercial Director at Hilton Lake Como?

Fashion plays a significant role within my hospitality journey, especially at Hilton Lake Como. Here I see its influence in simple things such as the contemporary interior décor, the spectacular architecture, the innovative menu’s engineering and even the minimalist uniforms worn by the staff. I love the attention to details, that is something needed to fuel the aesthetic power of Hilton Lake Como, the new-generation Italian lakeside hotel with spectacular scenery, traditional charm, and jaw-dropping 360-degree views of the lake from its infinity rooftop pool & restaurant. However, there is much more than this. The hotel was formerly a silk factory, and this touch of fashion is in every corner of the hotel: from the industrial design of the façade that honours the history of the factory, to the Taffetà bar, named so after one of the classic types of silk fabric, to our signature Silk spa treatment, performed with silk made in Como. I had to say, to be one of the brand ambassadors of Hilton Lake Como, which is fully in synch with my personal style in terms of glamour and lifestyle, is definitely a privilege and rewards me every single day.

2. Hilton Lake Como is renowned for its stunning location and luxurious amenities. What do you believe sets it apart from other luxury hotels in the region?

We, as a hotel, do not consider this to be luxury but a young, fresh, modern, lifestyle, not just in terms of product and design or features around the hotel but also in terms of our guest’s experiences and the services we deliver. Our approach is “back to basics” with a focus on authenticity to establish real one-on-one relationships, with a strong focus on the importance of quality service and its personalization. That's where I think we have a winning factor.

We are aware of the fact that the hotel is located in a very historical destination, but we recognize our self for the modernity and uniqueness of our lifestyle product. It’s not just with the contemporary style and hotel product, but also with innovative software, contemporary products, fresh and dynamic staff teams such to ensure every guest journey is tailored-made throughout. The secret rule within all of us is always “Treat others as you’d wish to be treated yourself."

"We, as a hotel, do not consider this to be luxury but a young, fresh, modern, lifestyle, not just in terms of product and design or features around the hotel but also in terms of our guest’s experiences and the services we deliver."

- Ilaria Pellegrin, Commercial Director at Hilton Lake Como

3. The recent introduction of a year-round vegan menu at Terrazza241 is an exciting development. How has the response been from guests, and do you see a growing trend towards plant-based dining in the luxury hospitality sector?

Great responses from guests rewards the work of our Executive Chef Stefano Ghielmetti. All our vegan options are very creative and he and his team use some of the most delicious Italian ingredients straight from the earth to ensure the utmost refinement of taste in all dishes. From olive oil to fresh tomatoes, basil to fresh fruit, it’s not hard for us to source delectable produce that can be transformed into exquisite vegan dishes. For sure, with consumers becoming increasingly conscious when it comes to issues such as sustainability, animal welfare, and health and wellbeing, the number of guests opting to lead a vegan lifestyle will continue to grow in the next decade.

4. As someone who has been with Hilton for a significant period, how have you seen the industry evolve over the years, and what trends do you anticipate for the future of luxury travel?

The luxury market is undergoing a significant shift, as the upcoming generations of consumers are expected to dominate the market in the future. Generations Y and Z have a different approach to luxury than older generations and they value meaningful luxury experiences over the possession of luxury goods. At Hilton Lake Como our guests rely more and more on authentic new year-round experiences/”making moments” to reflect their identity and exclusive status. From a unique “Bambinimoon” sleep retreat, a tranquil tailored-made final couples’ escape for parents-to-be, to the “Ultimate Gentleman’s Getaway,” featuring a range of spoiling activities to provide the ultimate dolce vita escape for the boys!

5. Wellness tourism is on the rise, and Hilton Lake Como offers an array of spa treatments and fitness options. Could you elaborate on the hotel's wellness offerings and their importance in enhancing the guest experience?

I am proud to say that Hilton Lake Como is delighted to launch a series of pampering new offerings at its award-winning eForea Spa and Health Club. This is the place in the hotel where I really find my calm. Thanks to the international background of the Spa Manager Francesca Stocco, a variety of holistic wellness escapes will be available to satisfy a wide range of different preferences.

From the Exclusive Escapes at eForea Spa, the ultimate opportunity to unwind with loved ones in style and complete privacy, to the Sumptuous Silk Treatment Menu, a celebration of Lake Como’s centuries-old tradition of silk craft and the property’s history as a former silk factory.

During spring & summer, guests can also practice their downward dog with a view at the hotel’s rooftop yolates sessions. This is the ultimate way to gently stretch the body with a new and innovative fusion of the very best of yoga and pilates, but set against a panoramic backdrop of lakeside splendour. Simply amazing!

Last but not least, for committed spa seekers, I am delighted to unveil a standout addition to the spa’s repertoire: the “Floating Meditation Bath”, where guests can unwind through guided meditation while relaxing their body totally, literally floating on the mattress.

6. Hilton Lake Como is known for its pet-friendly travel options. Can you share some details about the amenities and services available for guests traveling with their furry companions?

Guests travelling with a four-legged family member are most welcome at Hilton Lake Como. We all greet our VIP's (very important pets!) with dog baskets, biscuits and bowls upon check-in so the family pooch can also experience a taste of la dolce vita during their visit to Lake Como. But it’s not just that! They are also invited to enjoy the breath-taking view from the rooftop terrace thanks to a stylish dog bar at their full disposal.

"As a lifestyle product, we consciously analyse the landscape within and around the hotel always to see how we can always develop... however we are also mindful to keep the beauty and simplicity of Italian modern design."

- Ilaria Pellegrin, Commercial Director at Hilton Lake Como

7. Collaboration and partnerships are crucial in the hospitality sector. Could you discuss any notable collaborations or initiatives that Hilton Lake Como has undertaken to enhance the guest experience or contribute to the local community?

To complement the plant-based dining experience, Terrazza 241 rooftop Restaurant & Lounge Bar has introduced refreshing mocktails. The ImPerfect cocktail, a blend of soda with ginger mikks or raspberries & blackberries, supports the charitable ImPerfect mission for breast cancer awareness. The Zero Spritz and Zen mocktails offer a taste of a true Italian vacation with a detox twist.

8. Looking ahead, what exciting developments or projects can we expect from Hilton Lake Como in the coming years, and how do you envision the hotel's future in the ever-evolving landscape of luxury hospitality?

As a lifestyle product, we consciously analyse the landscape within and around the hotel always to see how we can always develop, fine tune or improve our offerings as guests’ expectations are rightly so evolving and changing year by year; however we are also mindful to keep the beauty and simplicity of Italian modern design. Our internal terrace has been fine tuned for an amazing streetfood Italian social dining concept for leisure and team building activities such as ice curling and the Christmas market stall, as we remain open 365 days a year. In the future we look on enhancing our Terrazza 241 operation, our external Spa & Health Club as well as developing our garden at our internal terrace.


All imagery is provided by Charlotte Rous Communications.

Address: Via Borgo Vico 241, Como, Italy | Website: | Phone:+39 031 338 2611 | Email: | Instagram: @HiltonLakeComo | Facebook: @HiltonLakeComo | Twitter: @HiltonHotels


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