Fini’s Wan Chai is a Rustic, Unpretentious Restaurant, Serving Italian-American Favourites

Everyone deserves a bit of comfort food every once in a while. All-American dining is high up on many lists, whether it be feast-worthy burgers or deep-fried dishes. But sometimes, it’s pizza and pasta, as inspired by traditional Italian recipes. New York-style nibbles have expanded internationally, and Hong Kong is no exception. At Fini’s, the menu is dedicated to the Big Apple-meets-Italian fare, to bring the best of both worlds in a rustic, chic setting. Aakriti Batra visited the Wan Chai restaurant to try some of the classics.

Image courtesy of Aakriti Batra


Serving Italian-inspired dishes with an American flair, Fini’s is located on Stone Nullah Lane, previously home to the iconic Stone Nullah Tavern. The softly lit back bar area is the first introduction to the restaurant and, much like its predecessor, it was full even on a Thursday evening. Upon closer examination of one of the colourful walls, I noticed that it was plastered with old business cards harking back to Wan Chai’s somewhat sordid past. An unambiguous nod to the “American” in the restaurant’s “Italian American” tagline, the décor, including the very American red and white checkered tablecloth, set the tone for the larger-than-life, massive porti