Grissini's Chef Marcello Scognamiglio on Cooking Influences & Secret Recipes

We interview Chef Marcello Scognamiglio from Grand Hyatt Hong Kong's Grissini restaurant.

Image courtesy of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Could you compare your culinary experiences having worked in Europe (France + Italy) with Asia (Bangkok + Hong Kong)? How do these regions differ from a chef's point of view?

Living and working in those listed ones for a chef is a playground—the food culture is so different but so deep! These include street food, fine dining restaurants, amazing markets. There's nothing more exciting for a chef.

You've mentioned in previous interviews your influences from grandma's cooking. Could you share with us your absolute favourite dishes that she makes (the names not the recipes – as we imagine those are secret)?

A year ago, I’ve asked my grandma to write me a recipe book with the best of dishe