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Skincare Tips with 111SKIN CEO & CO-Founder Eva Alexandridis


Perhaps you have already heard of their bestselling products Intensive Collection and Reparative Collection; or perhaps you have heard of their enthusiasts Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett or Victoria Beckham. 111 SKIN is the a-list skincare brand for a-listers.

The star power of 111SKIN is co-founded by the industry’s power couple Dr Yannis Alexandrides and Eva Alexandrides. With his innovative mind and her entrepreneurial power, what started out as a simple aspiration to accelerate skin healing has now become a household name in the beauty and skincare circle.

As CEO, Eva is focused on the senses and the beyond. It entails sparking joy and confidence within customers. In her own words: ‘We take immense pride in being one step ahead, continuously pushing the boundaries of skincare through our commitment to innovation’. Here, Eva breaks down her mission at 111SKIN and some personal favourite products.

1. Can you tell us about how 111SKIN came about?

111SKIN is a doctor-driven brand – founded by myself and my husband Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, a world-renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.

Together, we founded the brand in 2012 in order to provide Dr Yannis’ clients with products that delivered exactly what skin needs post-surgery in the most effective way possible. Throughout his years as a surgeon, Dr Yannis trialled many clinical-strength products, but these proved too aggressive and reactive for sensitive skin. He would tell me that “The perfect product for post-surgery skin didn’t exist.” I suggested he should design his formula, and that’s exactly what he did.

Yannis set about creating his own formula powered by his own reparative complex, NAC Y2TM. With that, 111SKIN was born. Using extensive understanding of the epidermal structure, Dr Yannis continues to harness the power of advanced, next-generation actives in formulas that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. To this day, 111SKIN's products are inspired by Dr Yannis’ innovative in-clinic treatments, the ever-changing needs of his patients, and his hands-on experience of the latest cosmetic technology available.

2. How did you get into skincare?

Growing up behind the iron curtain, I had very limited access to beauty products, especially those of luxury. As a result, my grandmother would create her own skincare products, experimenting with different textures and ingredients. Homemade face masks and lip balms were a staple in our household. When my mother was working as an air hostess, she would bring home western make-up products and new skincare technology. This was my first introduction to aspirational branding and stylish packaging - it was fascinating and I wanted more.

3. How is 111SKIN revolutionising the skincare industry?

Led by Dr. Yannis’ expertise, 111SKIN stands at the forefront of new medical technology, spearheading innovation within the skincare industry. We take immense pride in being one step ahead, continuously pushing the boundaries of skincare through our commitment to innovation. Our belief in the potency of our products drives us to constantly reformulate and enhance our existing range, striving for increased strength, efficiency, and exceptional results.

By focusing on and having unwavering confidence in our products, we ensure sustainability while staying in tune with the current demands and preferences of our clients. Aligning with the latest ingredients and addressing the evolving needs of our customers remains a core principle of our mission at 111SKIN.

Photo: The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

4. What are some of the exciting new treatments launched by 111SKIN at The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong?

Our aim with 111SKIN’s Ritz Carlton Hong Kong Spa is to challenge the spa industry, fusing scientifically-led rituals with therapeutic treatments. Our revolutionary concept offers aesthetic performance face and body treatments, combined with innovative technology in a multi-sensory spa environment. Our advanced menu of treatments includes LED and Cryotherapy, elevated with medically-inspired innovation and 111SKIN products for clinical-level results.

Historically, spas were a place to relax and unwind however the modern consumer expects it all – a sensorial experience that incorporates advanced treatments, using high-performance products. 111SKIN caters to consumers that want to switch off but also want to see visible results after their treatments. Spas are now expected to offer customers access to clinical and technological research for an elevated experience.

"Our belief in the potency of our products drives us to constantly reformulate and enhance our existing range, striving for increased strength, efficiency, and exceptional results."

- 111SKIN CEO and CO-Founder Eva Alexandridis

5. What are your top 3 daily skincare tips?

Starting my mornings with 111SKIN's hero product, the Repair Serum NACY2, is an essential part of my skincare routine. This powerful serum boasts encapsulated ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin, ensuring enhanced efficacy and long-lasting hydration throughout the day.

One of the aspects I truly appreciate about this serum is its ability to stimulate the production of glutathione, which is the body's master antioxidant. This ensures my skin is well-protected against free radical damage, making it a crucial investment in maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin. With the Repair Serum NACY2, I feel confident that my skin is getting the care and protection it deserves every day.

My other daily skincare tip is masking. I personally use a 111SKIN mask every day, and the type of mask I choose varies depending on what my skin needs on that particular day. The masks allow my skin to absorb a high concentration of nourishing ingredients in such a short amount of time, and the results are visible.

In the mornings, when I'm usually quite busy, I love to multitask while using an eye mask. Not only does it help wake me up, but it also works wonders in de-puffing my eyes, which is a must for a fresh start to the day. In the evenings, using a face mask becomes a relaxing and indulgent ritual for me. I love to lie down, put on some relaxing music, and immerse myself in the experience, almost like having my own spa session at home. It's a perfect way to unwind and take care of my skin at the same time.

I always finish my day using 111SKIN’s Retinol Oil. Retinol is considered an essential step in most anti-ageing routines due to its clinically proven ability to increase cellular turnover, stimulate collagen production, fade pigmentation, and soften rough patches of skin. It creates a firm and supple complexion with fine lines and pigmentation reduced. For me, this is my top-tip for mature skin.

6. What's next for 111SKIN?

Earlier this year, we began rolling out improved versions of hero products, including its Y Theorem serum, eye cream and day dream, with more active ingredients and clinical trials underlining the effective results. In September, we will relaunch more products — next is the Black Diamond range. The industry is always pushing for new, new, new. If you don’t cater to that, you don’t get space. But how many new products can you have as a brand? We wanted to change the narrative here. There are certain ingredients that you might want in the product, so you have to source them and then try to innovate while staying close to the textures or other features that people love. It’s been an exciting challenge – we’re keen to continue sharing more efficacious products, next being - September.


All imagery is provided by 111SKIN.

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