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How to Wear the Bermuda Short

Let's be candid. Summer dressing, particularly when you're anticipating to make your foray into the office, where coffee is fuel and deadlines are lurking around the corner, can be an intimidating process. Reassuringly, the key to navigating any minefield, which the workplace more often than not resembles, lies in your strategy. Your dress strategy to be precise, to quote the words of British designer Mary Quant, (it’s) “a tool ….to compete in life outside the home…People like you better without knowing why, because people always react well to a person they like the looks of.”

Cue the chameleonic Bermuda short, which is presently charging like a knight in shining armour down various sidewalks after conquering the S/S23 runway presentations of numerous brands from Tom Ford to Givenchy. A case in point, or rather for it, Jennifer Lawrence donned a navy blue pair by The Row, choosing to wear its blazer counterpart on top of a plain black t-shirt, whilst digital creator Julliette Lefévre adopted a similar approach. Understandably, endless time spent scrolling in order to track down the quintessential piece can be tedious, which is why we've rolled up our own shirtsleeves to introduce you to the ones we're presently championing and how to wear them, that's the battle half won.

Look 1: "The Rush Hour"

Hop onto the "Wrong-Shoe Theory" inadvertently begun by Jennifer Lawrence after she paired her resplendent Dior gown, with? You guessed it, an innocuous pair of black flip-flops on the 76th Cannes Film Festival's red carpet. Balenciaga and Loewe, shown here, have introduced some definitively, outlandish takes on the sandal, whilst Toteme, has veered towards a more understated styling, perfectly adept to be paired both 'up' and 'down'.

Look 2: "March To The Beat of Your own Drum"

Throughout past seasons, and with this one particularly, designers, especially at Coperni and Louis Vuitton, have lifted the waistcoat, synonymous with the Y2K epoch, and made it their own, with celebrities such as Jodie Comer, who wore a white iteration at the Tony Awards following suit. Desert Vintage, offers an eclectic array of pieces, giving you the perfect opportunity to embrace this trend consciously.

Look 3: "Go for Comfort"

More times than others, comfortability and functionality override everything else, especially when you have a long journey, both to and from the office, which makes this outfit combination the ideal one.


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