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Lilah Ramzi, Shopping Editor at Vogue, Shares Her Top 5 Summer Fashion Picks

Lilah Ramzi's Top 5 Summer Picks csptimes

"Summer of 2022 will be all about a Slim Aarons dressing for me. Think incredible classic pieces with a swinging 1960s edge. I’ll gravitate toward muted colours with a burst of red here or a simple stripe there. Plus, it’s my favourite season for accessories", Lilah Ramzi tells us. The Vogue features and shopping editor has been working with the fashion publication since 2013 and is a guru and collector of vintage clothing and accessories. As avid fans ourselves of her impeccable style, we ask the trendsetter on her top five summer picks for the upcoming season.

Lilah Ramzi's Top 5 Summer Picks:

Lilah Ramzi's Top 5 Summer Picks csptimes

1) Headscarves

I feel my best when I have a simple cotton or silk triangle wrapped around my head. I wrote an entire article on my headscarves hack but I like them best when they’re pre-cut into a triangle with elastic attached. It adds a perfect dash of retro charm plus you don’t have to worry so much about your hair!

lilah ramzi

2) Caftans

Recently in Palm Beach, I hosted a dinner at The Colony and opted to wear a printed caftan for the occasion. It was a big hit at dinner and I think I’ll continue to wear them for summer’s more dressier moments. This incredible caftan is by Richard Quinn but I also plan to pick up a few more vintage Pucci caftans, which look just as great at the dinner table as they do poolside.

lilah ramzi

3) Basket Bags

I can’t stop buying vintage wicker baskets – the more, the merrier, as I see it. They’re inexpensive, relatively sturdy, and you can absolutely bet that you’ll be the only one carrying it no matter where you go! I’ve toted this little red wicker basket made of plastic just about everywhere for the past two summers and this one will be no different.

lilah ramzi

4) Tennis Necklace

While I love a chunky gold chain, I’m going to lighten things up this summer with a diamond tennis necklace. I’m a gold girl, so I chose one from Mejrui and it’s really added the perfect touch of glitz to all my looks – whether I’m at the beach or a black-tie benefit.

lilah ramzi

5) Summer Blacks

In fashion, we hear a lot about summer white but I actually prefer summer blacks! I think there’s really nothing more chic than an all-black look on the sunniest of days. Bonus points: it makes packing for summer trips a breeze when you don’t have to worry about colour coordination.

lilah ramzi

Images provided by Lilah Ramzi.

Lilah's recommended pieces are linked to the pictures.

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