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Lucy Goff, Founder of LYMA, Shares Her Top 5 Tips to Pamper at Home

Beauty aficionados will be very familiar with the revolutionary LYMA Laser, a beauty device used by the world's best facialists, makeup artists and cosmetic surgeons globally, loved by celebrities from Hailey Bieber to Cara Delevingne. "Our Medical Director, Dr Paul Clayton, first discovered this revolutionary technology whilst in Germany, studying a 62-year-old man’s knees who was using it to rebuild cartilage in one of his knees. When Dr Clayton looked at the skin on the knee that had been treated, he was amazed to see it looked about 20 years younger than the untreated knee. So, I tried it out myself, and the results were truly astonishing", says Lucy Goff, the founder of LYMA. She's since ventured into supplements too, adding a medical-grade nutraceutical to the ever-expanding wellness sector. As the self-care market continues to grow, we speak to the beauty veteran on her top five tips to pamper at home.

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lyma lucy goff

lyma lucy goff

lyma lucy goff

1) Immerse Yourself in Scents

When I was pregnant, I couldn’t stand the smell of anything. Ever since then I’ve made sure to immerse myself in exquisite scents as a daily indulgence. Whether it’s an Eminence Organic Acai face mask, a Cire Trudon grapefruit essence candle, or Bamford lavender pillow scent, beautiful fragrances are so uplifting. Even when I’m travelling, I’m never without my favourite scents.

2) The Power of a 15-Minute Shower

I’ve never been a fan of a bath; I find them too restrictive and too hot. My grandmother, also, didn’t care for them and was appalled at the thought of bathing in your daily dirt. I think she may have passed her views onto us. In the morning I run in and out of the shower in a matter of seconds, but every evening I always make time for a 15-minute shower. I start off with the water really hot, sit on the floor and process the day, really let my mind relax and let go. I’ve had some of my best ideas in the shower – I really find it a place of solace. 12 minutes in, I put the water as cold as I can stand it. Afterwards, I feel like a different human being.

3) Lymphatic Drainage Twice Weekly

Regardless of how much water I drink, or how healthy the food I eat is, my legs have always suffered from cellulite. So I try and treat myself to a lymphatic drainage session a couple of times a week. I start off by body brushing. I love using the Gilded body brush because it matches my marble shower perfectly, plus it's great for releasing toxins just under the skin. I follow this by using my NormaTech boots, which squeezes out excess fluid whilst I’m watching Netflix. I can also use my LYMA Laser at the same time too.

4) Sleep!

Sleep is one of the only things we can do when we’re born, yet it can be unattainable for so many of us as we age. I spent years with poor sleep affecting my health and my sanity, whereas now, I wake up feeling more pampered than a day in the spa. As adults, we wake up about ten times throughout the night as we transition from one cycle of sleep to another. If we’re healthy, we just fall straight back to sleep without remembering, however, if we don’t switch off properly from the day or have background cellular inflammation, our body is unable to remain asleep, a thought enters your head and you wake up.

The LYMA Supplement is mine (and thousands of others’) sleep saviour. It’s a sleep-enhancing formula that doesn’t compromise on daytime function and gets to the root cause of inflammation. Key patented ingredients – KSM-66® Ashwagandha, affron®, HydroCurc®, Cognizin® – are engineered to enhance aspects of brain function in a way that is designed to improve sleep onset and quality. Levagen+® 350mg; the newest addition to the LYMA formula which will be included from April 2022 has also been proven in the Journal of Sleep Science Practice, to help people fall asleep three times faster compared to placebo, improve sleep quality and help people feel refreshed when they wake up in the morning. I literally couldn’t live (and sleep) without it!

5) Don’t Just Apply Skincare – Really, Really, Apply Your Skincare

Taking ten minutes to apply your skincare, instead of the usual two, can make all the difference. Never stop at your chin, always make sure to massage the actives into your skin using firm circular motions all the way down from your forehead to your nipple. By taking longer, you can see if the skin has absorbed all the product (if it has, it might be thirsty and need another layer). Sometimes particular areas need more of a product at different times, and this way you can ensure all your face and chest gets the level of product it needs.


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