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Makeup Artist Liz Pugh Shares Her Top 5 Beauty Tips

Represented by Premier Hair and Makeup, a London-based international hair stylist and make-up artist agency, Liz Pugh has an impressive portfolio and background with A-list celebrities and world-class brands. She’s responsible for the beauty looks on countless magazine covers (think Deepica Padukone for Vogue and Adele for Rolling Stone), and has been featured in countless publications from Harper's Bazaar and i-D to Dazed and Confused, as well as shows for Paul & Joe, Isabel Marant, and Antoni and Alison, and she has a celebrity client list that could fill this page. We chat to the beautician on her top five tips for beginners and beyond.

liz pugh makeup artist vogue

1) Inspiration

Take inspiration from all around you. I love books, movies and flowers, but you can take inspiration from anywhere. There is so much out there, whether you see an old movie, and love the makeup, or an old image, try it. Never get stuck in a rut, makeup is fun, try new things, if you don’t like it a sweep of a Micellar Water and it's gone.

I might love a colour of a particular flower I see. Chanel has an amazing app where you can take a picture of a colour, be it anything, a flower, a handbag, anything you see and you love the colour and it will find the nearest lipstick to match. Technology is so fabulous.

liz pugh makeup artist

2) Skin

Skin – what can I say, you would never paint a wall without prepping it ... so treat your skin the same.

I can often take as much time prepping the skin as doing the makeup. A little massage to the face will get the circulation pumping, drain away any puffiness and give you the best primed skin ready for makeup

I always like to use an oil to massage into the skin, La Mer Renewal Oil is my go-to. I firstly massage it in using a Gua Sha as I can do some drainage and the coolness of the jade is wonderful on the skin, then a little massage over the top with my hands really warms it into the skin. My top tip is to keep a Gua Sha in the fridge; it will really reduce puffiness first thing in the morning. Two iced teaspoons under the eyes works a treat too. Foundations and concealers will go on seamlessly to beautifully prepped skin.

liz pugh makeup artist rolling stone

3) Realism Versus Fantasy

We live in a world of unrealistic images bombarding us, on social media and in magazines with face filters, retouching etc. I think it has put us all a little on edge when we see what is in the mirror in front of us. Beauty is found in imperfections. My biggest tip here would be for us to learn to love the skin we are in.

liz pugh makeup artist

4) Makeup 101

Foundation or No Foundation: Due to the images on social media many brands have brought out full coverage foundations. We see tutorials on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, with lessons on foundation and concealer. These look great under lighting and filters but in real life, it can be a little too much.

My trick with foundation is to use the sheerest amount and then create your magic with concealer. Pinpricking anything you want to hide. Under-eyes, you need a much lighter consistency. If you are on the wrong side in your teens and twenties then a heavy concealer under your eyes with actually make you look older as it will accentuate any lines. A trick I use is to warm the tiniest amount of eye cream on my fingers then press over the concealer under the eye, more on the outer edge where we see signs of crow’s feet (what a horrible name!)

To Blush Or Not To Blush: Always blush! There has been such a big trend for contouring and highlighting that we have somehow forgotten the magic of blusher. Blusher will breathe life into the skin, it is one of the most youthful and health-giving products to have in your makeup bag. My favourites are always a cream; it's easy to apply and as it’s not a powder blusher so it won’t look too heavy since creams blend into the skin so well, using fingers or a brush. They are so underrated! They leave the skin dewy and fresh. My absolute favourites are Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks and Jones Road Lip and Cheek Stick. They are so easy to use, and both can be used on the lips as well as it always pulls a look together when the tones are the same. The simplest of makeup hacks for a quick pulled-together look.

Never Say No to a Red Lip: There is nothing better than a red lip. My favourite look must be a white tee or shirt with an effortless red lip in the daytime. For the most imperfect perfect red lip, I apply to the lips with a brush or straight from the bullet then press in with my finger to diffuse the edges. For a foolproof red lip, to last all day firstly fill in the lips completely with a matching lip pencil. Then if the top layer of lipstick wears off you are left with the lip pencil, and with the formula being much drier it tends to stay put. My favourite go-to red lipsticks that suit everyone include, a true blue red from McGrath Labs Elson Red, named after the fabulous model Karen Elson, the MAC Ruby Woo and the MAC Lady Danger, an orange-red. For the days you feel a little tired, put on a red lip and it takes all the emphasis away from tired eyes!

Lastly, an Eyelash Curler: My staple in my kit, I would never not curl eyelashes. An eyelash curler will open the eyes. Curl before your mascara. I have a few pairs in my kit in case I ever lose one! Surratt or The Shiseido is perfect too.

liz pugh makeup artist

5) Glass Skin

A big trend for spring-summer. Achieve this using a Hyaluronic Acid in the skin prep, it will really help the skin retain water. Then apply your moisturiser on top. When you have finished your foundation, warm a little of your face oil in your hand and press along the top of the cheekbones. This will give a beautiful, lifted light to the skin without the shimmer you get in highlighters, applying a much more "natural lit from within" method. I suggest the Dr Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum or Hada Labo Tokyo Anti Ageing Super Hydrator Lotion.

liz pugh makeup artist vogue

Images provided by Liz Pugh.


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