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Meet Bakus Cellars, a Premium Distributor of Quality Family-Owned French Wines

It may seem like a lifetime ago that we were able to jet-set to vineyards ourselves to experience fresh wine in warm sunshine regions, but all is not lost – in Hong Kong, many passionate wine aficionados import their collections directly from Europe, to experience high-quality glasses of wine in the urban metropolis. A relatively new brand in the industry, Bakus Cellars, comes from a third-generation winemaking family in the south of France, so they certainly know a thing or two on quality and process. We delve into the brand and what to expect if you're a fellow wine lover and if you're missing European summers...

Bakus refers to Bacchus, the ancient Roman God of Wines. That's quite a name to live up to – but you're in good hands here. Born in 2020, Bakus Cellars is an importer and distributor of family-owned wine brands from France and will soon be expanding into Europe. The company focuses on three main elements when selecting its wines  – high quality, simplicity and reasonable pricing. Plus, they offer wine pairing advice on what goes well with what types of food.

Customers can enjoy free delivery in Hong Kong if they purchase six or more bottles.

Bakus Cellars – Wine Regions

Bakus Cellars works with family-owned wine businesses in the following regions:









Although these regions are currently the main areas for their distributors, Bakus Cellars will soon reveal even more new regions across Europe. They will continue to keep looking for hidden gems in all areas.

An Introduction to the Wineries

Bakus Cellars exclusively sources, imports and distributes wines from family-owned wineries and small vineyards that have a strong attachment to their local terrains and regions. Every partner comprises a team of passionate winemakers with outstanding expertise and a strong dedication to producing wines that reflect their personality and the uniqueness of their regions. Filled with heritage, we uncover the brands that Bakus Cellars currently works with, to help connect wine lovers to the people behind the wines they are going to drink.

Bakus Cellars works with small wineries, that offer a down-to-earth approach that makes qualitative and authentic products affordable.

The Wineries

Domaine de Canta Rainette

The Canta Rainette winery has been in the same family since 1958 and passed down through generations. In 1990, Edouard and Denise Castellino took over, following in the footsteps of the family tradition, while bringing in profound transformations and modernisation. Today joined by their son Mathieu, they run a domaine that covers 30 hectares that produces rosé, white and red Provence wines.

Domaine Philippe Ravier

Wine has been a Ravier family tradition for generations and it was passed down from father to son. Today, the Ravier vineyard is run by Philippe and Sylvain Ravier, whose privilege is to manage the family’s 35-hectare estate. It's a proud father and son partnership that works their vines with love and whose roots run deep in the heart of Savoie.

Domaine Chaboud-Cellier

The history begins in 1798, in Saint-Péray when Louis Alexandre Faure opened the winery. Famous for inventing the Saint-Péray sparkling, the Domaine kept developing over the decades. In 2020, Stéphan Chaboud, the 6th generation person to run it met Charlène Cellier, an oenologist, the duo decided to partner and start a new chapter of the family winery, that covers now 13 hectares.

Domaine Saint-Luc

After working in prestigious wineries in the South of France, Olivier and Marie Maunier, brother and sister, decided to embark on a new challenge; having their own winery to develop wines that met their taste. They took over Domaine Saint Luc and modernised it over the years. The vineyard covers now 36 hectars across two areas: Grignan-les-Adhémar & Côtes du Rhône Villages Suze.

Domaine Aime Stentz

Its history begins in 1919 when Jacob Stentz purchased its first vine plots and decided to produce its own wine in the village of Wettolsheim in Alsace. Year after year, the different generations of the Stentz family kept developing and modernising the estate. The winery is now run by Marc Stentz, the 5th generation with his family. In 2010, the winery was certified organic.

Chateau Tour Grand Faurie

The Feytit family has owned this property since 1949. It is situated two kilometres away from the village of Saint Emilion. Over the years, the family kept expanding and developing the vineyard. Isabelle and Franck are the 4th generation to run the winery. It now covers over 14 hectares. The vineyard is planted of 80% Merlot 15% Cabernet Franc and 5% Malbec.

Chateau Haut Peyrat

Built in the 16th century, Château Haut Peyrat overlooks a magnificent 40 hectares of terroir, mixing vines, woods and meadows, in the heart of the famous "Bordelaise Tuscany". Driven by their passion for wine, Isabelle & Didier Gil acquired the almost abandoned Château in 2014 to renovate and restructure the vineyard and propose a wonderful range of Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux wines.

Maison Monmarthe

The MONMARTHE family has been in Ludes since 1737. In 1930, Ernest MONMARTHE decided to launch his own champagne and founded his namesake Maison. Generations after generations, Champagne MONMARTHE kept developing and modernising its structure to offer top quality champagnes. Today the house is run by Jean-Guy MONMARTHE, the 6th generation of the family.

Domaine de Pellé

While the Pellé family was producing wine for its own consumption for many years, the winery was only officially created by Henry Pellé in the early 20th century. Year after year, motivated by the success of its wines, Henry Pellé kept expanding the vineyards. The property has been passed down through generations and is now managed by Paul-Henry Pellé.

Domain de Mongilet

Mongilet vineyard was established by Victor Lebreton at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, the vineyard only covered 1.5 hectares. His son took over the winery and deeply developed it with the plantation of more varieties of vines. Nowadays, Montgilet estate is run by Victor and Vincent Lebreton (3rd generation).

Domaine de Noire

Odile and Jean-Max Manceau bought Domaine de Noiré in 2001. Since then they have devoted themselves to returning the vineyard to its former glory. Involved with wine for over three generations, their shared passion continued to guide their daily lives. Domaine de Noiré is situated at Noiré, the first Chinon production area to be classified at the beginning of the 20th century.

Pardon & Fils

Pardon & Fils celebrated its 200th birthday in 2020! The winery was created by Antoine Joseph Pardon in 1820. It quickly became very popular in the Beaujolais area and the family started to sell its wines across France and Europe in its very early days. Pardon & Fils is now run by the 5th and 6th generations.

We recommend...

Throwing a dinner party? Heading out for a summer picnic? Take your pick of wines from Bakus Cellars. Here are our top recommendations...


In 3 words

Fruity, Fresh, Light


In 3 words

Rich, Fruity and Spicy


In 3 words

Intense, Rich and Tannic



In 3 words

Pure, Complex and Intense

Customers can enjoy free delivery in Hong Kong if they purchase six or more bottles.

* Valid until October 31st 2021.

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