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Review: Cathay Pacific Business Class, Tokyo to Hong Kong (CX6321)


All images courtesy of CSP Times, unless stated otherwise.

The Lounge

The Haneda Lounge by Cathay Pacific in Tokyo is a haven of comfort and luxury. The service is impeccable, inviting travellers to relax in designer chairs and indulge in a culinary journey. At The Noodle Bar, the resident chef crafts fresh and delectable noodles, offering a menu that features tantalising options such as dan dan noodles and wonton noodles.

For a lighter fare, the Food Bar presents salads and pastries. Authentic Japanese breakfast items are also served, accompanied by a selection of wines, spirits, cocktails, and expertly brewed coffees at The Bar. The lounge ensures a stress-free departure from the chaos of the airport.

The Seating

Nestling into the business class seat on the short-haul flight with Cathay Pacific was an indulgent experience, amplifying the joy of travel through its unparalleled comfort and innovative design. The seats, hailed for their award-winning design, seamlessly merged ergonomic brilliance with sumptuous comfort, elevating the entire journey.

The Food

The culinary offerings presented a tempting tableau. For starters, options ranged from a refreshing seasonal salad with yuzu soy dressing to a savory prosciutto with tomato mozzarella timbale and black olive and basil sauce. Plum soba noodles with shiitake mushrooms teased the palate, setting the stage for the main course. I opted for the grilled beef tenderloin with cabernet sauce, potato gratin, green beans, and carrots, which was juicy and delicious. The dessert selection, featuring a cheese board, seasonal fresh fruit, and ice cream, provided a sweet denouement to the gastronomic voyage.

Image courtesy of Cathay Pacific

The Drink

A diverse range of beverages awaited, from juices and soft drinks to my personal favourite – the non-alcoholic Cathay Delight, a refreshing blend of kiwi fruit, coconut milk, and fresh mint. The cocktail choices were equally enticing, with classics like the Garibaldi and Negroni, and the signature Cloud Nine, a concoction of vodka, Cointreau, Sprite, and lemon juice.

Image courtesy of Cathay Pacific

The Service

The service throughout the flight was exemplary, with the Cathay Pacific team going the extra mile to ensure a pleasant journey. Their inquiry about additional menu preferences reflected a commitment to personalised service.


In conclusion, the short-haul flight with Cathay Pacific was a delightful sojourn marked by exceptional service and delectable cuisine. The reclining seats, a harmonious blend of ergonomic design and lavish comfort, transformed the brief journey into a relaxing interlude of style and indulgence. While the entertainment options were not extensive, the overall experience left an indelible impression of comfort and refined travel.


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