Spice Zi Kitchen Shares Exclusive Kadayanallur Recipes

Spice Zi Kitchen is a newly-launched home cooking experience in Singapore, designed to connect people with Indian Muslim food, culture and history. Founded by a Muslim mother-daughter duo, Baby T (Taahira) and Mama Zi (Zaithoon), Spice Zi Kitchen aims to bridge the gap between lesser known food and culture, with Singaporeans. Celebrate Indian Muslim food with the passionate chefs, by visiting their home, where guests are invited to learn the history, ingredients, culture and food, that was brought from a small town in South India, Kadayanallur to Singapore in the 1930s. The recipes have thus been passed down for generations in the family. If you’re in Singapore, try the experience live, but if you’re elsewhere, Spice Zi Kitchen shares exclusive recipes to try at home, for a taste of biodiverse Indian cuisine and culture.

spice zi kitchen

Moringa Leaves | Image courtesy of Spice Zi Kitchen

Moringa Leaves Stir Fry

Moringa leaves stir fried with mustard seeds, chilli padi and topped off with grated coconut.

Difficulty: 2/5