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Stay at La Mamounia, Marrakech's Palace Hotel, Like Anna Delvey in Inventing Anna


Fans of Netflix’s popular show, Inventing Anna, may be familiar with the prestigious name of La Mamounia, as well as noticed its splendour, luxury and culture radiating from within the riad Anna Delvey stayed in during her ill-fated trip to Marrakech. Or, others may have known that celebrities like Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker and Khloé Kardashian have also indulged in La Mamounia’s opulence.

Celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, La Mamounia invites you to indulge in its blend of authenticity, refinement, and comfort. Savour an evening drink in one of their four bars; taste tantalising cuisines from across the world in its four restaurants; pamper yourself in its luxurious spas and hammams; treat yourself to its exclusives by watching a film in its plush cinemas or playing a riveting game of pool; take a stroll in their beautiful, tranquil gardens flourishing with nature and the sweet song of birds in the air, or their set of stylish boutiques filled with fragrances and essentials.

All imagery courtesy of La Mamounia.

Luxury Accommodations

Rooms & Riads:

Enter into the plush, comfortable rooms of La Mamounia through openings designed with intricate mashrabiya that provide a touch of traditional Islamic architecture. Each room offers stunning views of different sights: stay in their authentic Koutoubia Deluxe Rooms and you’ll see the magnificent Koutoubia mosque; stay in their Park Deluxe Rooms and you’ll have the view of La Mamounia’s blooming gardens and the Atlas Mountains.

Or, if you desire a more private, traditional Moroccan experience in La Mamounia, stay in one of La Mamounia’s three luxury riads hidden within La Mamounia’s gardens with heated swimming pools and private terraces. Authenticity, intimacy, and elegance exude from the commodious, exquisite rooms and the marble and zellige tiles adorning the patio’s surface.

Suites & Signature Suites

With 65 options to choose from, La Mamounia suites are the epitome of elegance and refinement, immersing you in the noble style of living in Morocco. Each suite has something unique and stunning to offer, with the Agdal Suites epitomising Moroccan design and culture, and the Duplex Suites coloured in shades inspired by spices found in Moroccan markets.

Their Signature Suites, six in total, are also designed with different themes, with the Churchill Suite attributing to the third-floor suite Winston Churchill once occupied, and the Marjorelle Suite being a tribute to the renowned French painter Jacques Marjorelle, whose painting hangs at its entrance.

Chic Bars & Elegant Restaurants

La Mamounia’s four restaurants offer you a diverse palette of flavours and culture. Cater to your cravings at the Le Pavillon de la Piscine overlooking the sparkling swimming pool, with a tantalising breakfast buffet, and enticing rotisserie and cutting stations for lunch. Dine in both of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's restaurants, with his L’Italian Par Jean-Georges restaurant offering you flavoursome classic Italian cuisines, and his L’Asiatique par Jean-Georges embarking you on a tasty voyage through the Far East. Finally, Le Marocain calls you to savour a taste of traditional Moroccan dishes: enjoy delicious tagines and couscous all the while you are lulled by the rhythmic playing of Andalusian Musicians.

Their bars are no less generous in their calls to keep you revitalised during the day, or the night, offering cooling, fresh juice or an enticing cocktail and champagne tasting.

Affluent Gardens & Exclusive Experiences

One of the renowned sights of La Mamounia’s palace is its abundant gardens, providing a flourishing landscape of nature extending over 8 hectares. Walkers are in awe of the exotic variety of plants and bougainvillea, as they are surrounded by vibrant olive, orange, and lemon trees and the sweet song of birds in the air. Rooftops of the Medina peek into the walls of the palace hotel, along with the stunning Atlas Mountains and Koutoubia Mosque.

Cloaked within the gardens is La Mamounia’s gym, offering you a private space to work out freely. Professional coaches are also present for you to refer to for assistance or guidance, along with private classes in Pilates for you to enjoy.

Or, if you desire time for rest and care, La Mamounia’s spas and hammams serve to help you relax, detoxify, and refresh yourself. Natural remedies and techniques, including black soap, Ghassoul body wrap, and exfoliation with a Kessa glove, leave your skin feeling smooth and purified.

Henry Dunn, the production designer of Inventing Anna, said how the hotel “really was a seductive kind of richness. You could almost understand what was driving Anna to want all of these things.” The sheer sumptuousness and finery of La Mamounia are abundant and grand, and cannot be summarised in one article. It is a hotel that exceeds its promises; provides luxury and grandeur within its accommodations; surrounds you with its alchemy of contemporary and conventional art in its structure; to immerse you in natural environments and opportunities to revitalise yourselves in its gardens, spas, and other multiple elite experiences; and to indulge in diverse, delicious cuisines of your tastings.

Delve into the ‘seductive kind of richness’ that epitomises La Mamounia. You will not regret it.


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