The Best Independent Boutiques in Hong Kong

It’s no secret that Hong Kong houses nearly all the luxury international brands which deem very popular amongst locals and tourists. Although these large-scale shopping spots are the movers-and-shakers in fashion, there are also plenty of independent boutiques which run their own trends. The city is brimming with an abundance of local talent in different industries. Here are the top fashion boutiques to shop-till-you-drop—without compromising quality and style.

Image courtesy of Annibody

Sustainable, comfortable everyday wear: Annibody

Made for women of all shapes and sizes—hence the name—Annibody celebrates the diversity of the female body and provides the most comfortable, wearable everyday garments which will stand the test of time. Founded in 2018 in Los Angeles by Tina Leung, the brand is now based in Hong Kong where it continues to create high-quality bodysuits which allow freedom and beauty, with a minimalist approach.