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The Hennes Yuen Ballerina Christmas Gift Guide


Image courtesy of Stephanie Teng

Hong Kong Ballet's Hennes Yuen recommends to us her holy grail Christmas gifts this year.

This candle is the perfect scent for this weather and it gives me such a warm and cosy feeling. It calms me down after a long day of work!

Mini-bags are the new trend and having a stylish yet practical accessory to carry your phone makes a great gift idea.

Minimal style goes a long way, all products from this local brand are handmade, choosing a timeless item for your bestie and supporting local business, isn’t it great?

During covid times, less often that girls put on lipstick under our mask, it’s subtle pigmentation give you the right amount of colour, perfect go to lip product.

Ballet warmups aren’t just for ballet class, dancers like to use multipurpose products as we always have a lot to carry in our dance bag. This shawl could be your scarf, wrap skirt, or even as seating mat, be CREATIVE!

Charity of Choice:

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