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The Jessica Jann Christmas Gift Guide


Actress, entrepreneur and co-founder of Jessica Beauty Jessica Jann recommends to us her holy grail Christmas gifts this year. Read our full interview with Jess.

A good book or AGENDA!

I’m always on the lookout for a good book. So whether it be a self help parenting book or bestseller, it’s such a lovely and thoughtful gift. With the new year right around the corner, I love sticking to an agenda. I write everything down in my agenda/calendar and make to-do lists in them!

Homemade cookies/banana bread

I’ve been getting into baking and always love it when I receive homemade treats! This idea is always so sweet and thoughtful.

Spa/Facial Treatments!

This is such a nice treat. I love doing spa and facials and have given these to my friends/family as gifts and they always love it – a good pamper session. I’m a sucker for a massage and facial at Jessica Beauty in TST. Biased, I know.


Eating a nice meal and treating your loved one, friends are priceless! Good food, chatter and memories. Whether it be trying something new or going to a place you’ve been craving! It’s always a good idea.

Skincare Products

For the ladies! With the weather being so dry for Christmas: my skin always needs some saving! I’ve been using a ton of La Mer, Lancome and Caudalie recently (the pregnancy-safe ones of course!).

Movie Tickets

I really like movie gift cards – I’m a big sucker for a good movie and so this gift can never really never disappoint. It's also such a nice treat every once in a while.


A favourite candle, like the Jo Malone ones, is a must in my home. I love cosying up at home and lighting the candle. It makes such a great ambiance and works as the perfect gift.

Donate to Charity!

I'd like to spotlight Mother's Choice – I used to volunteer there pre-covid! I love what they do and support them completely. I also have a heart for senior citizens and used to volunteer more at senior citizen homes! Giving back is something I definitely want to do more of.

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