The Ultimate Tenerife Vegan & Healthy Food Guide


Tenerife, the small, mountainous Spanish island off the coast of Africa, is known for its sandy beaches, mountainous terrains and year-round sunshine. The island is surrounded by yellow and black sand beaches, filled with banana plantations and has many water sport activities to try in both summer and winter. It is a common and popular spot for UK tourists and expats, with the restaurants and cafes reflecting their diets. Cha Siu Papers Times’ contributor Rosie Fay explored the diverse region of Tenerife to try the best vegan eats in town.

A niche but accessible market (upon closer inspection)

As a practising vegan, I really struggled to find healthy food options for the new life I was living over here. I was walking, doing beachside yoga, swimming every day and wanted my diet to provide my body with healthy energy. However, it was harder than originally thought.

Across the boardwalk in Tenerife, and up corresponding streets, is a mecca of British and Irish food. Lots of English breakfasts, burgers, steaks and roasts on special deals – often thrown in with a cheap pint or a jug of sangria. It was disappointing to see restaurants promoting a €9, multi-course meal, with no salad or veggie options to choose from on their extended lists. 

As a result, I spent some time on my phone—researching, reading menus, requesting opening hours across the island. The cafes and restaurants I did find were unbelievable—some of the freshest fruit I’ve eaten, unique food, and generous portions. Here is a list of some healthy and vegan food options in Tenerife, tried and tested by yours truly on a trip through the city.