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Tisha Alyn Shares Her Top 5 Golfing Tips

Golf media personality and content creator Tisha Alyn shares her top tips for success in golfing.

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This stands for Grip, Stance, Alignment, and Posture. This acronym is necessary for golfers of all levels and is probably the most important tip I can give to you. Make sure your GSAP is all in check prior to every single shot to ensure you are setting yourself up for success!

2) Connection

Staying connected throughout your entire swing is key. A great drill to feeling connected is to place a towel under your arms and making a few practice swings or hitting on the range. The little pinch you will feel under your armpits should maintain your entire swing until you hit your finish.

3) Stay Centered

This swing thought works in two different ways. The first is staying centred by keeping your hands in front of your chest for the entire swing. From an outside visual perspective, your swing will not actually do this. However, from a feeling perspective you should feel like your hands are in front of your sternum as you rotate back and through. The second way this swing thought works is by staying centred in your weight shift. As you swing, your weight will always remain on the insides of your feet until finish. The moment you feel your weight come onto the outsides of your feet, you are likely swaying or adding additional movement.

4) Maintain Spine Angle

If you are struggling with consistency in ball contact or "keeping your head still", this is the perfect swing thought for you. It is important that your limbs turn and work around the spine angle that you have set at setup. As you swing, allow your legs and knees to naturally bend and straighten to maintain your angle.

5) Pose For The Finish!

Last but not least, always hold your finish like you are taking a photo. Not for the purpose of a photo necessarily, but because you want to hold it as your finish gives you feedback on the path of your swing. When you get to your finish, aim to have your club shaft run through your ears behind your head to promote a neutral path.

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