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Travel Trends 2023: Going Back to Basics with Luxury Glamping Experiences

2023 is bringing many new travel trends post-pandemic. Luxury glamping sites are on the rise, according to Grand Review Research, the global glamping market has seen an increase from USD 2.73 billion in 2022 to USD 3.15 billion in 2023, expecting to see a 15% increase. As many travellers are preferring to return to nature, luxury glamping provides the perfect balance of minimalism and luxury, allowing guests to live back to basics with their favourite luxury amenities. CSP Times contacted various glamping companies, questioning the change they have witnessed as their innovative companies have grown to demand to deliver guests unique luxury experiences.

CMO Julie Saunders at AutoCamp, USA


How have you made a distinctive brand in a popular market of unique glamping experiences?

AutoCamp really modelled outdoor hospitality for other brands that have entered the market, so we've been able to stay true to our core values over the past 10 years. AutoCamp is centered around providing access to the outdoors with comfortable, mid-century modern amenities. We have a relationship with Airstream and the Airstreams at AutoCamp are an exclusive design we created in collaboration with the brand. We also stand behind the community aspect of our brand, both in the design of our properties, and how we facilitate connections. While some brands emphasize seclusion and disconnection with their products, we want our guests to connect and learn from each other in nature.

Why would you recommend AutoCamp for guests over hotel stays?

Traditional hotels are really designed for people to come and go and AutoCamp was designed to give people a place to be, gather and relax. We lean into the experiential piece of travel, rather than just a place to rest one’s head. We always encourage our guests to explore the outdoors - whether that’s a nearby National Park or a trail on site - and when they return, they can take a dip in the pool or read in the Clubhouse. Evenings often offer fireside chats or s’mores roasting. Travelers who are looking for this type of comradery and community love this aspect of AutoCamp.

How has the option for stays such as AutoCamp progressed in recent years?

AutoCamp opened its first location in 2013, followed by the flagship location in Russian River, CA in 2016. Now AutoCamp has six locations across the country in Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Zion, Cape Cod and the Catskills, and will open in Hill Country, Sequoia and Asheville in the next year. Other locations are in development and will be announced in the future. AutoCamp accommodations and amenities are similar among all the properties, but programming and experiences do vary from location to location, based on the opportunities available in the community. For example, Cape Cod offers kayaking and a raw bar pop up while Russian River offers beginner birding walks and tastings from nearby Sonoma wineries.

Lana Surzhikova at NYC Glamping, USA


How have you made a distinctive brand in a popular market of unique glamping experiences?

There's no other place in New York that offers this experience, plus we always welcome new ideas. It was quite honestly a spur of the moment project, and after brief research, we found out that there's nothing similar on the market in NYC.

Why would you recommend NYC Glamping for guests over hotel stays?

First off, we're cheaper than hotels offering similar views. And overall, we sell an experience more than accommodation itself. No regular hotel will ever give you an experience like this.

What is the client market for NYC Glamping guests?

It's very diverse. Clearly, most of the clientele is locals looking to get away for the weekend. But we do have people from overseas and out of state as well. Some people are looking for a place to get away from the city but not go too far, some couples are looking to celebrate a romantic occasion, some looking for a solo staycation, and some are just thrill seekers looking for new experiences.

General Manager Anna Pawlik at Canvas & Orchids Retreat, Cambodia


How have you made a distinctive brand in a popular market of unique glamping experiences?

Canvas and Orchids Retreat is a project with a goal of complementing the works of the NGOs and the government, to protect this part of The Cardamom rainforests, and the mangrove forests which are the largest in mainland South East Asia. All the hotel’s practices are geared towards achieving this goal, from our sustainability efforts to the community projects that we initiate or actively participate in. We are very much engaged in the community, and the community is very much involved in the hotel’s operations. Being able to let our guests experience firsthand what we do, and spread the word about what defines Canvas and Orchids Retreat, this allowed us to make this distinctive brand.

Have you seen a change in popularity amongst eco-stays and sustainable travel choices?

Yes, I have witnessed a growth in numbers, on families with young children, and longer stays that allow them to explore the rainforests and mangrove forests more in depth, and to meet the community that helps protect these surroundings.

How has the option for stays such as Canvas and Orchids progressed in recent years?

From 2020, our guests have come only internally within Cambodia. Then in 2021, there were more guests coming from neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. Last year, we have seen a growth in the number coming from Europe and the US. It has progressed, and we are happily surprised to receive more guests from the Nordic countries, staying longer compared to our average stay from pre-covid which was 2.5 nights.


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