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Truthis Founder Giann Chan On Clean Beauty, the Dawn of a New Age


"True Beauty Comes From the Inside Out". That's the slogan behind Truthis, a new beauty and skincare brand that uses meticulous craftsmanship from Japan combined with techniques from the Swiss alps. The rise in homegrown beauty brands in Hong Kong has come with the demand for pure skincare, without unnecessary ingredients and Truthis pays tribute to this. The brand is founded by influencer Ms Giann Chan, a Hong Kong starlet with a cult following of over 400,000 fans on Instagram and a drive for entrepreneurialism, as demonstrated in her new skincare line. Giann started Truthis with a vision in mind—to integrate her years of experience in the industry with her passion for a high-quality, transparent ingredient list. The cruelty-free, environmentally-conscious beauty brand will also soon be launching its E=MC2 collection, already drawing the attention of fans ready for the announcement. We speak with founder and influencer Giann Chan (Tsz Ying) on the origins of the brand, her inspirations and how to integrate Truthis into your beauty regime.

Could you tell us about yourself and how you got into the clean beauty industry?

Hi! I am Giann Chan. I've been an Instagram influencer in Hong Kong for 8 years. At first, it was a way to share my experiences with my friends, but then it quickly turned into a passion. I started posting quality photography and my followers increased day by day. In 2014, I began to receive collaboration requests from prestige beauty brands and this became my new journey. During these years, I started to learn about skincare and I really enjoy it.

I love testing different products, but I found out most of the products are toxic to the skin and it might be the reason why my followers still couldn't find a satisfying skincare product.

What does beauty mean to you?

I always find my inner peace when travelling to Japan and Switzerland. I realised the importance of ethical beauty in 2016.

With the integration of beauty and wellness, I can see the dawn of a new age of beauty — one that aims to get the most out of a healthy mind , skin and overall wellbeing. I believe True Beauty Comes From the Inside Out.’’ – Giann Chan, Founder

How did you start Truthis Beauty?

I've been receiving countless beauty questions from my followers, Hence, it inspired me to find a satisfying skincare formula that could be truly suitable for them. I genuinely like to solve women's problems and share my beauty experience through the brand and platform. My brand name is "Truthis", as the name implies, it depicts the truth of beauty.

Today, TRUTHIS: works with scientists in Japan and Switzerland, to create clean, cruelty-free, and environmentally conscious products for us and the environment.

Where do you find inspiration?

I always find inspiration from my followers. Since 80% of my followers are women, I can know better about the circumstances and the problem faced by the end-users.

What are the most important elements in your brand?

Um.. Probably me? lol As I am the guinea pig of my products. I can test it out and you can see the results on my face. But also, we strive to create products that are clean, safe, non-toxic and have transparent labelling of ingredients. And I'm also proud to say that our products are made in Switzerland with the highest European quality.

We care about our products just as we care about our customers. – Giann Chan, Founder

What do you hope customers take away with your products?

We hope our customers can experience better skin, embrace a new concept and live a different lifestyle.

What are your top recommendations with Truthis products?

I would love to say everything. But if I had to choose, I would say our E=mc2 Hydrating Light Essence. The E=mc2 Hydra Light Essence is specially designed for sensitive skin that can be great for calming irritated skin. Fortified with multiple vitamins, Squalene, hyaluronic acid and white melanin extract, the deeply hydrating formula absorbs easily and delivers long-lasting nourishment. The formula replenishes and balances skin moisture levels, purifies, and prepares skin to absorb serums and moisturisers more efficiently. It can replace toner and serum yet achieve similar results.

How do you curate your collections?

For me, my brand voice has always guided me to do and say what feels good while developing the products. I have my sense of aesthetics, which is my lifestyle. That's why I am quite obsessed with the packaging, like the matte cover and bottle. I insisted on getting the matte finish, even though the cost is much higher. As the brand represents the founder. I curate my collections on the basis of quality and perfection.

Where can customers buy your products?

Customers can buy Truthis products on our official site

What's next for your brand and what can we look forward to?

We will be launching more new products and I am so excited about it!

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All images courtesy of Truthis.


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