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Where to Get Silk Products & Cosy Pyjamas For a Luxe Home

Silk adds an instant luxe touch to any household. As one of the finer things in life, it brings comfort, convenience, and visual appeal, all in one product. Whether you’re wanting to improve your beauty sleep or stroll around in a chic clothing set, the versatile material stays true to its glamorous connotations. Here are our favourite brands to get the luxury material from.

Image courtesy of The NAP Co

The NAP Co

Featured in Vogue’s Christmas gift guide, The NAP Co drew in the attention of many, thanks to its luxurious appeal and silky-soft touch. Each product is specially sourced and made with the highest grade long-fibre mulberry silk, made with a thickness of 22 momme. Rest assured you’ll get the best beauty sleep with the 100% Mulberry Silk Pillow Case (£60) with the matching 100% Pure Silk Eye Mask (£30). There are so many benefits to mulberry silk and silk—it’s been said to reduce night-time wrinkles, help rosacea and acne symptoms, and overall keep your skin hydrated and clear. Wake up and glow with these luxurious products from The NAP Co, and try out the scrunchies and nightwear too.

la blonde gitane silk bedsheets

Image courtesy of La Blonde Gitane

La Blonde Gitane

La Blonde Gitane is a textile brand which specialises in luxury pure mulberry silk products. The founder, Alessandra, spent 15 years in Italy at a training agency, then moved to social media marketing for local brands in Hong Kong. Each product at La Blonde Gitane is curated for a modern home, showcasing the most comfortable, sleek products, fit for any home. Get a pure Mulberry Silk Bed Set (from HK$5,990) to luxe up your bedroom.

Image courtesy of Sleep ‘N Beauty

Sleep ‘N Beauty

Specialising in pure-silk pillowcases, Sleep ‘N Beauty offers a luxurious and natural anti-aging solution for all its customers. The pillowcases are made from luxurious 19 momme, 100% natural, undyed, chemical free, mulberry, hypoallergenic material, lending a smooth glide from your face to your hair, thus preventing facial creasing and an undesired bed head in the mornings.

Tani Comfort

Although Tani Comfort doesn't necessarily use silk, the products certainly feel as soft as it. Using innovative, sustainable materials, this clothing brand provides cosy loungewear for every occasion. From its selection of slip-on tops to the super comfortable pants, you'll be wearing these for years.

Image courtesy of Angelus Silk & Paper

Angelus Silk & Paper

The atelier brand offers silk dyeing and letterpress classes in Seoul, Korea. The brand does custom orders, especially for weddings and special events—DM via Instagram to make your evening extra special.


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