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Where to Get Workout Accessories in Hong Kong

We are living in an 'Age of Fitness' when working out is more than just a healthy habit, it is a lifestyle. Hence, you might already have your pair of leggings and favourite shirts. Nevertheless, if you want to elevate your workout, you might need stylish and high-quality gym equipment such as the right mat, functional yet chic training bags, etc. Check out the following brands to shop for the best workout accessories.

This article is also available to read in Chinese (HK).

Flow With Me offers a collection of 11 exclusive and carefully selected activewear brands from around the world. Apart from high-quality and performance clothing, the platform also provides workout gear such as footwear, yoga mats, and totes. In addition to the variety of styles, you will enjoy affordable prices offered on this platform. Flow With Me also ensures that its collection of brands and products are all vetted to be eco-friendly and sustainable. Last but not least, Hong Kong orders enjoy free shipping.

Website: | Instagram: | Facebook:

There is no doubt that Nike is a leader in athletic apparel. The success of an American sportswear company can be attributed to its unwavering loyalty to sports traditions, continual improvement of technology, love of innovation, and unyielding fighting spirit. Besides sportswear, Nike also offers a line of performance accessories. As part of this line, you will find running gloves, running accessories, running portables, hydration tools, and many other items.

Website: | Instagram: @nikehkg | Facebook: @NIKEHONGKONG | YouTube: NikeHongKong

lululemon athletica is a well-known manufacturer of stylish sportswear for men and women, designing gear for yoga, running, training, and everything in between. The fashion label had a huge impact on our lifestyle driving the fashion industry movement - 'athleisure'. In addition to being a trendsetter, lululemon continuously invests in product quality and designs to stay on top of the best splurge-worthy athleisure brands.

Website:| Instagram: @lululemonhk | Facebook: @lululemonhk | YouTube: lululemon

Since 2007 American company, alo, has been specialising in the production of fashionable, functional clothes for yoga, fitness, and dance, creating designs suitable for the gym and everyday life. Being seen on fashion icons such as Hailey Bieber, and Kendall Jenner, the brand Alo Yoga has become synonymous with the 'California it girl' aesthetic. Don't miss Explorer Fanny Pack, Solar Visor - Violet Skies and Unisex Half-Crew Throwback Sock – alo's bestselling accessories.

Website: | Instagram: @alo | Facebook: @aloclothing | YouTube: Alo Yoga

There is no doubt that Adidas, the brand with the three stripes, is among the most recognisable brands in history. Adidas is an innovator, a legend of sportswear, sneakers, and accessories. The label had an enormous impact on sports, fashion, and culture. With its collaborations with high-profile artists and iconic designers, adidas never ceases to amaze its customers.

Website: | Instagram: @adidashk | Facebook: @adidasHK | YouTube: adidas

Reebok is a manufacturer of sportswear, footwear, and accessories founded in 1958 in England. Designed for athletes as well as fashion lovers, the brand manufactures high-quality designer products. As far as the market is concerned, Reebok dominates, or at least did in the last century. At the moment, the brand is back to the game setting new trends and collaborating with A-list celebrities such as Cardi B and Travis Scott. You never know, maybe Reebok will be the next 'it' sportswear brand.

Website: | Instagram: @reebok_hk | Facebook: @reebokclassichk | YouTube: Reebok


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