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ZeroYet100 is Your One-Stop Brand For All-Natural, Eco-Friendly Skincare

There has been a lot of talk around natural deodorant in recent years, in line with the ever-growing demand for natural, eco-friendly alternatives to drugstore variations. A pioneer in the market, ZeroYet100 launched its all-natural deodorants back in 2017, when the hype was just coming to light in Hong Kong. The concept is simple—natural is better, both for the environment and for ourselves. Besides its popular collection of deodorants, however, ZeroYet100 also features a range of other products, from charcoal body scrubs to body oil. We delve a little deeper into the origins of the brand, why it's good for you and what it's made from.

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ZeroYet100 is founded upon the principle that natural is better. Every product at ZeroYet100 is formulated with ingredients derived from nature with potent innate properties to pay tribute to mother nature and its effective, clean properties. The brand was founded by two women entrepreneurs—Anita Patel and Sheetal Avlani, with backgrounds in teaching and fashion, respectively. Both friends shared a passion for healthy living and found that there was a lack of effective, clean deodorants in the market during 2015, which led them to research and develop their own product line without using chemicals or any negative substances. Two years later, the duo successfully launched their line of deodorants in 2017 after extensive experimenting and testing. ZeroYet100 was founded and has now expanded into skincare and bodycare as well while staying true to its original ethos.

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The Products

Zero Yet 100's line is free of any toxic or harmful chemicals and the ingredients list is transparent and pure. Each all-natural product is formulated at the ZeroYet100 workshop in Hong Kong and personally tested by Anita and Sheetal, founders. The handcrafted products are packaged in recyclable or up-cyclable materials and labelled with only lamination and plastic-free paper product stickers. Another highlight to note is that the products are gender-neutral and suitable for children, to-be mums, grandparents and basically everyone in the family. It's the perfect addition to any skincare and beauty routine without harming the environment or compromising effectiveness.

We recommend...

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The deodorant is an obvious must-try, and it's what ZeroYet100 is most famous for. You can choose from Push Up Sticks, Pots or Sprays. The comfortable, nature-derived solutions exude a subtle, gender-neutral scent that can be used at any time of the day.

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Face Products

For gentle, plant-based effective formulas, ZeroYet100's skincare collection will do the trick. The pint-sized packaging makes it easy to store in the bathroom and transport when needed. The Exfoliating Face Wash Powder (HK$228) uses twelve, all-natural botanical ingredients to reduce unevenness, deeply hydrate and pacify aggravated skin. It starts off as a powder which turns into a paste when added with water. Gently massage this into your pores and rinse off with cold water to tighten your pores after.

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Body Products

Nourish your body with ZeroYet100's cleansing body products, which go from body oils to hand sanitizers. The Glow Better Body Scrub (from HK$78) features Robusta coffee to exfoliate the skin and removes bacteria to increase blood flow circulation.

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Detox Products

Get a full home detox with the Charcoal Detox Pack, a multipurpose mask made to draw out impurities and buildup. It helps to clean out pores on the face, underarms and feet. With regular use, the mask can help reduce odour, uncomfortable irritations and improve skin quality.

Where to get Zero Yet 100

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