10 Minutes with…Arnault Castel, Founder of Kapok

An interview with Arnault Castel, Founder of Kapok

Name: Arnault Castel | Occupation: Entrepreneur | Location: Hong Kong | Known for: Founder of lifestyle brand Kapok

Hong Kong is home to an abundance of creative talent, spanning across different career paths from journalists to feng shui masters. Each week we interview some of the most notable creatives and entrepreneurs from around the city to learn some of their quirky habits, hopes and dreams, and “favourite things” to share with us—all within the short timeframe of 10 minutes. This week, we got up and personal with Arnault Castel, a Hong Kong-based entrepreneur and founder of lifestyle brand Kapok.

A Little Background…

Born and raised in France, Arnault moved to Hong Kong in 1996 as an investment banker, then founded Kapok in 2006 as a quirky lifestyle brand with a core focus on emerging designers and brands from all product industries. Arnault selects his brands based on quality, craftsmanship, and creativity and has now grown to a network of seven stores in Hong Kong and Singapore.