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10 Minutes with…Matias Alexandro, Photographer

An interview with Matias Alexandro, Photographer

A Little Background…

Matias moved to the Mediterranean coast at a young age and instantly fell in love with the clear waters and beautiful sceneries, leading him to pursue free diving as a hobby. Soon, he realised he wanted to see more and it became his full-time passion, with a strong interest in finding out more about how fish and mammals live and behave. From there, Matias got his first camera to research and travel places to learn more about underwater wildlife.

One of the main subjects which perked Matias’ interest was sharks and how misunderstood they are by society. So with a keen eye, Matias got up close with the spectacular sea creatures and wanted to capture them on camera whilst interacting and seeing them in the flesh. Since then, Matias continues to find stories to shoot and show people how incredible marina diversity is and that we are all connected to our oceans and must protect its wildlife.

Ibiza | Image courtesy of Matias Alexandro

The Questions

1) Could you tell us about yourself and your work?

I am a passionate photographer and I love travelling as much as I love being underwater. I have been shooting professionally for the past 8 years for international travel and wildlife magazines. 

2) When did you get into marine wildlife and diving?

I moved to Ibiza, Spain in 2006 where I discovered snorkelling and fell in love with the Mediterranean marine wildlife. I really got into free diving and I have also done my scuba certification in Ibiza. Free diving resonates with me but scuba diving allows more time and stability in the water. I do practice both as often as I can. 

3) What’s your favourite marine animal?

Sharks are definitely my favourite. I used to be scared of sharks until I saw the documentary Sharkwater. It changed completely my perspective and understanding of these extraordinary animals. I try to dive with sharks as much as I can.

Hammerhead Sharks | Image courtesy of Matias Alexandro

4) Where’s your favourite place to go for a holiday?

Without a doubt The Bahamas. The relaxed beaches, the sun, people, and pristine waters full of wildlife. It is my idea of a perfect holiday. 

5) What’s your proudest moment in your career so far?

This year (2020) my work got featured by Conde Nast Traveller, which gave me a lot of exposure. 

Harbour Island Drone | Image courtesy of Matias Alexandro

6) Where are the next five destinations on your bucket list?

Peninsula Valdes, Argentina. Baja California, Mexico. Palau, Micronesia. Island hopping in French Polynesia. and going back to The Bahamas.

7) Most fascinating marine animals you’ve shot?

I like being in the water with big animals, normally I would say the bigger the better. However I am also really fascinated with Jellyfish, their shapes and colours are so unique.

8) What’s something you’d like to learn?

I would like to better my social media skills. It’s something I have never properly discovered or mastered.

Image courtesy of Matias Alexandro

9) How have you been spending your time indoors?

Being dry, haha (out of water). To be honest it has been very nice to spend more time at home, planting seeds in the garden. Gardening always relaxes me. Also, my dogs are very happy I am home 24 hours a day during the lockdown.

10) What’s a quote to live by?

Impossible is only an issue of the mind.”―Edmond Mbiaka

Any tips for aspiring photographers?

Be curious, explore and never stop shooting.


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