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10 Minutes With…Natasha Moor, Award-winning Makeup Artist & Founder of Natasha Moor Cosme

An interview with Natasha Moor, Award-winning Makeup Artist & Founder of Natasha Moor Cosmetics

Image courtesy of Ali G Studios

A Little Background…

If you’re a beauty geek, chances are, you’ve heard of Natasha Moor Cosmetics, a pioneer in the makeup department. Founded by renowned makeup artist Natasha Moor, the namesake brand is famed for its colour-popping lipsticks, flattering eyeliners and volumising mascaras, to name a few. With a cult following on Instagram and a passion for finding the best beauty solutions for the modern woman, Moor also knows how to kick back and embrace the wonderful city which she calls home—Hong Kong.

Image courtesy of Ali G Studios

The Questions

1) Could you tell us about your background and how you got into makeup?

Makeup has been embedded in my day-to-day routine from a young age, and it is one of the main ways I developed my skill set as a makeup artist. Growing up, I used makeup as a tool to conceal and hide my insecurities. As I honed and refined my skills, my teachers, friends and family, always asked me to do their makeup. I never in my wildest dreams thought this could be a career for me.

Fast-forward, I graduated from London College of Fashion and came back to Hong Kong to pursue a fantastic opportunity to help build a start-up entertainment company, which involved having to take on every role possible. It was in these roles, which started off as casting models, to doing the makeup for them, that I realised that the art of makeup ignited a fire in my soul.

This prompted me to to do something that required a lot of courage—so I quit my job and flew to New York to do a short course on make up. It was something that I was always passionate about but never thought to make it my career.

Natasha Moor, Founder and CEO of Natasha Moor Cosmetics, at Sephora Headquarters in Singapore – 2020 | Image courtesy of Natasha Moor

Shortly after my course, I returned to Hong Kong and dove head straight into working on shoots, films, tv shows and then on to Brides, where I found my life’s purpose—to create a platform that uses makeup as a transformational tool that allows individuals to feel empowered and confident in their own skin, through myself as a makeup artist, and through my brand Natasha Moor Cosmetics. It took two years to launch the Natasha Moor Cosmetics brand. I was inspired by experiences with my brides and direct clientele, their reactions post-makeovers were of genuine happiness and took me by surprise because that surge of confidence was something I looked for at a young age.

My “ah-ha” moment definitely came from visiting numerous women’s shelters and rehabilitation centres. I wanted to test the theory, “Does makeup really change or impact someone’s confidence?”. I came across women from all walks of life and had the incredible opportunity to use makeup as a tool to transform the way they felt, and with each person I worked with, I saw the same reaction: an instant surge of self-confidence and excitement in her eyes. Therefore, I like to believe our brand represents more than just makeup, but rather a platform that serves as a source of empowerment and confidence for individuals.

The Moor Power Mascara by Natasha Moor Cosmetics | Image courtesy of Ali G Studios

I wanted to test the theory, “Does makeup really change or impact someone’s confidence?”. I came across women from all walks of life and had the incredible opportunity to use makeup as a tool to transform the way they felt, and with each person I worked with, I saw the same reaction: an instant surge of self-confidence and excitement in her eyes. —Natasha Moor, Founder of Natasha Moor Cosmetics

2) When was your first makeup experience?

My first experience with makeup was when I was three years old, when I was getting ready for my ballet recital. I recall distinctly my prim and proper bun, and my mum applying a pink lipstick on me before going on stage—it was almost as if the lipstick completed the look.

3) What are your top 3 favourite products from your collection?

It’s definitely hard to choose from the entire Natasha Moor Cosmetics collection! If I had to pick three, I would say:

1. Liquid Magic Liquid Concealer—it is a versatile and buildable concealer available in 6 shades that gives a second-skin refreshed look. I could sleep four hours, and I would look like I’ve slept for eight—a magic life-saver!

2. Molten Matte Liquid Lipsticks—our pigmented, moisturising liquid lipstick that has a 14-hour staying power, available in 18 shades. I use them every day without fail, not only because they are mask-proof because wearing them makes me feel ready to take on the day. Each shade is named after uplifting mantras, with the intention of each wearer manifesting and living by the message.

3. Moor Power Mascara—our smudge-proof black mascara with a tapered application brush that envelops every eyelash. I feel like my eyes say it all these days, especially when wearing a mask. When I wear Moor Power, it gives me the instant lift, length and definition I would get if I had eyelash extensions.

Natasha Moor, Founder and CEO of Natasha Moor Cosmetics | Image courtesy of Ali G Studios

4) When was the proudest moment of your career so far?

My proudest moment was being able to work with such wonderful partners that believe in our brand, such as Sephora (Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia), Macy’s and Amazon, are truly milestones for us. We have a few upcoming launches in the pipeline, and once these are launched, will also be milestones that we are proud of for Natasha Moor Cosmetics.

5) What were your most inspirational brands/influences growing up?

I’ve always been inspired by the strong women in my life—my mother, grandmothers and Natasha Moor Cosmetics’ business development consultant. My grandmothers were both the epitome of style and glamour. My father’s mother had her very own glam room, and as a child, I would spend my days watching her get ready for her day and events.

My mother’s mum, till today, does not leave the house or greet anyone without having her lipstick on. I would see how much they would either enjoy applying the makeup and how much it made a difference to their confidence, and I think it’s from these moments that I came to appreciate the transformative power of makeup.

Natasha with her boyfriend Sahil at Spark-A-Change Foundation, gifting slippers as part of the #DoMoor initiative Sole Mate in March 2020 | Image courtesy of Natasha Moor

My #DoMoor philanthropic initiatives are something that I hold close to my heart. I credit this side of me to my mother because she is always doing good for the people around her and helping whenever she can. I have always and continue to be inspired by this.

Last but not least, I am so inspired by Adrienne, my business development consultant, who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. I met her at a point in my life when I was uncertain about the future, and through her belief in the brand has made the impossible possible—from bringing us to Sephora (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines), and Amazon. She has truly been instrumental in institutionalising the Natasha Moor Cosmetics business.

Image courtesy of Ali G Studios

6) Where are your favourite restaurants in Hong Kong right now?

There are so many! I love Posto Pubblico—they make the most incredible cauliflower pizza (not on the menu, but by request!), Brick Lane is always a favourite because of their all-day breakfast. LPM Restaurant & Bar and Ichu Peru both have a phenomenal menu and dining experience. I also often eat at Nood, especially after a workout, and find their dishes so fresh!

Natasha Moor Cosmetics Molten Matte liquid lipsticks come in 18 shades and have 14 hours staying power | Image courtesy of Natasha Moor Cosmetics

7) What’s something that every girl needs in her purse?

Lipstick! It can completely transform the way you feel and look; a red lip can give you that fiery confidence you need to conquer your day. We have a Molten Matte shade named Conquer, and it definitely does that!

8) Where do you get inspiration for your work?

Every one of the products in the collection have been inspired by my experiences as a makeup artist, and as an individual that wears make up; each product fulfils a need and has a niche. My brides, direct clientele and philanthropic experiences have been pivotal in the creation of the brand and what it represents.

Natasha Moor, CEO of Natasha Moor Cosmetics, at Cosmoprof Las Vegas in July 2019 | Image courtesy of Natasha Moor

9) Happy place?

I do have a few! First and foremost, I am happiest when I’m doing make up, as I can truly see and feel the pure joy and surge of confidence that overcomes the individual after application, and this fuels me. My other happy places are at the gym (my current favourite: AndFit) and cooking up a storm in my kitchen at home.

10) What do you love about Hong Kong?

I’ve travelled the world, but Hong Kong is home. I formed Natasha Moor Cosmetics in Hong Kong, and as a base for the business, it has allowed me to grow exponentially. Hong Kong is also a beautiful place to live and one of my favourite activities is running along Tsim Sha Tsui promenade, by the water. It offers a beautiful view of the city and it’s such a great running path. I also like going to The Peak where you can see a spectacular vantage point of Hong Kong.


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