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1Hotel Mayfair Review – Understated Elegance in London


Subtly sophisticated and eco-conscious, the 1Hotel Mayfair exudes an aura of understated elegance, reminiscent of an exclusive members-only club. It's not your typical hipster hotspot or an extravagant, over-the-top palace; instead, it seamlessly blends the worlds of environmental sustainability and quiet luxury. Its interior is primarily adorned with a palette of soothing whites, complemented by the inviting warmth of sustainable mahogany and creamy accents.  The result is an ambiance that whispers of private exclusivity while honoring their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

In 2015, the 1 Hotels brand made its debut, and today, it boasts a collection of ten properties in a vast array of destinations such as Miami, New York, Nashville, San Francisco, Toronto, Hanalei Bay, and China. Now, this prestigious brand is venturing into the beating heart of Europe with its first establishment, and it doesn't stop there. With several exciting developments in the pipeline, you can anticipate new 1 Hotels opening their doors in Austin, Cabo San Lucas, Paris, Copenhagen, Elounda Hills in Crete, Riyadh, and Melbourne, extending their commitment to providing unparalleled eco-conscious luxury across the globe.

The interiors of the 1Hotel exude the charm of a French chalet, featuring a warm and earthy color palette, complete with fluffy throws, and woven cushions. In the colder months, the ambiance becomes even cosier, thanks to the welcoming glow of roaring fires in the hotel's dining and beverage areas.

Throughout the establishment, you'll find furnishings thoughtfully crafted from reclaimed wood. Examples include a captivating check-in desk hewn from a captivating, textured piece of Sussex wood and coffee tables styled to resemble tree trunks. Notably, Studio Patrick Nadeau has contributed a stunning "living" chandelier named "Rainforest." This ethereal masterpiece is constructed from Spanish moss, with over 50,000 strands gracefully draping from the ceiling in a captivating dome-like structure, casting an enchanting light as night descends. In the lobby, I found the large stones affixed with handles, mimicking luggage, to be a subtle yet whimsical detail that added to the overall charm.

Nestled near the prestigious Bond Street and the iconic Piccadilly, and boasting captivating views of the meticulously manicured Green Park, this nine-story hotel offers a London experience that's not only invigorating for its guests but also refreshingly eco-conscious. The hotel proudly showcases an impressive array of 200 distinct plant species, totaling 1,300 individual plants throughout its premises. Additionally, it features nearly 400 square meters of exterior green wall plantings that adorn the areas along Berkeley Street and Dover Yard.

The Rooms

1Hotel Mayfair houses 137 rooms and 44 suites. Among these, 35 exclusive suites can be found on the seventh and eighth floors, showcasing a rich, darker wooden motif and magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the spaces with natural light. The property’s double-height Green Park Penthouse Suite stands as the most spacious one-bedroom retreat in all of Mayfair, spanning an impressive 274 square meters.

The rooms are packed with thoughtful details. Upon entering, you'll notice a captivating living moss wall and a handwritten welcome notes on the chalk board. Notably, the "1 Less Thing" initiative is a commendable concept, encouraging guests to contribute by leaving a piece or two of clothing behind for donation to a local nonprofit organisation.

For added convenience, each room features an in-room water filtration tap, a welcome addition. And if you haven't yet adopted the practice of using a reusable water bottle (which is strongly encouraged), fret not, for the hotel provides tumblers and a carafe, thoughtfully crafted from repurposed wine bottles. Regrettably, there's no wine tap, but you'll find a unique stone bearing the inscription 'not now,' intended for placement outside your door as a more sustainable alternative to the typical 'do not disturb' plastic hangers.

The bathroom is equipped with a generously sized shower, complete with both a soothing rain showerhead and a convenient handheld shower. A unique glass window connects the bathroom to the bedroom, although a curtain ensures your privacy. In keeping with their reputation, the hotel provides Bamford toiletries dispensed from large containers, but as an extra touch, you'll also find two lip balms and a sumptuous body cream thoughtfully placed at your disposal.


And what about the dining options? The hotel offers a plethora of stunning dining options, including the renowned Dovetale by Michelin-starred Tom Sellers, the sultry Doveryard bar, and Neighbours breakfast bar.

The menu at Dovetale embraces seasonal shifts, featuring European classics with a special emphasis on grill-cooked dishes. However, it's worth noting that the prices may raise an eyebrow, although such costs are in line with the upscale Mayfair setting. Main courses begin at £32, while the grill items designed for sharing span from £54 to £150. Nevertheless, it delivered a silky and impeccably prepared experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed every morsel of our exceptional breakfast and dinner.


The Bamford Wellness Spa and a state-of-the-art fitness center grace the hotel's first floor. The Field House gym provides a range of immersive wellness experiences carefully curated to alleviate stress, enhance physical fitness, and elevate overall well-being. These experiences encompass a spectrum of activities, from strength training and endurance-building workouts to tranquil yoga sessions.

Moreover, the spa is poised to pamper guests with tailor-made treatments, all featuring the renowned Bamford products celebrated for their use of natural, organic ingredients dedicated to providing solace and rejuvenating both body and mind.


1Hotel Mayfair offers a savings of a couple of hundred pounds compared to the well-established luxury options further uptown. Remarkably comfortable, it's on par with, or even surpasses, them in terms of modernity, depending on your personal preference. Plus, its prime location right next to one of London's finest parks is an added bonus.


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