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120 Years of Stories with Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian


Enter into the world of Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian through the eyes of General Manager Nitin Ramtri, where creating lifelong memories is not just a job, but a passion. In this interview, Ramtri shares heartwarming stories of guests whose lives have been touched by the hotel's timeless hospitality. From treasured receipts dating back to the 1940s to a family photograph capturing a wedding on the Grand Staircase in 1911, The Caledonian holds a special place in the hearts of its guests, weaving unforgettable moments into the fabric of its rich history.

1. What aspects of hospitality excite you the most, and how do you infuse this passion into your role as General Manager?

For me, the most exciting part of hospitality is the endless opportunities it presents to connect with people. I love working with people in a highly dynamic, ever-changing field – truly no one day is the same. It’s an exciting moment to be part of The Caledonian’s story – the hotel is set to join the Curio Collection by Hilton this summer and is currently receiving a multi-million pound transformation. 

I look at hospitality as a celebration – we always have guests coming in to celebrate major life events and holidays, and it’s an honour to have the opportunity to play a role in making these celebrations all the more memorable. 

Creating memories for guests and team members is the most special part of this job – memories that really do stay with you forever. A few months back, a woman visited me and presented copies of receipts from the 1940s, when her mother came to stay at The Caledonian. She had kept the receipts because it was such a special memory for her mother, one that even a generation later held meaning for the family. I still have those receipts in my drawer as a reminder of the lifelong impact outstanding hospitality has.

We had another guest who stayed at the hotel recently and shared with us a copy of a family photograph of her great-grandparents on their wedding day in 1911, standing on the hotel’s iconic Grand Staircase – a connection to the hotel going back over 100 years. We hear remarkable stories like this on a daily basis, and it reminds me of what I love about working at The Caledonian – the opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime in a building that is part of the fabric of the city. 

2. What drew you to Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is an exceptional city full of history, culture, and heritage. The architecture is beautiful, the quality of life is excellent, and Scottish people are extremely welcoming. But what drew me to Edinburgh above all was The Caledonian itself – you couldn’t pass up an opportunity to lead this hotel. Edinburgh is such a dynamic city and The Caledonian is truly in the heart of it all, situated within walking distance of the medieval Old Town and its numerous monuments and historic businesses. 

3. How does Edinburgh’s character influence the guest experience at The Caledonian?

The Caledonian itself is truly historic and full of stories which we take care to weave into the guest experience. It has a deep connection with the city, and you feel that you’re somewhere special from the moment you arrive at the front doors. We have the highest number of castle-facing rooms in the city and are right in the heart of historic Edinburgh – you feel a connection with the city from the moment you arrive.

The hotel, occupying the site of a former Victorian railway station, contains numerous historical touchpoints that connect guests to the rich history of the city. We also offer history tours to further explore the building’s many stories, with details such as the stained glass windows representing the coats of arms of major towns along the Caledonian Railway line. 

"We hear remarkable stories like this on a daily basis, and it reminds me of what I love about working at The Caledonian – the opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime in a building that is part of the fabric of the city."

- Nitin Ramtri, WA Caledonian General Manager

4. What do you hope guests will take away from their stay and experience at The Caledonian?

For me, the most important thing is that guests take away unforgettable memories and a connection to the team, the hotel, and the city. We have many guests who return regularly – for example, we have a gentleman from the United States who comes to stay for two weeks every year. He feels a deep connection with the hotel, and as he sits in the lobby and speaks to the team it’s clear why. I can feel the strength of the connection he has with The Caledonian every time I speak to him – and it’s that bond which draws guests back again and again.

5. Looking forward, are there any exciting developments or plans for The Caledonian that guests can look forward to?

We are thrilled to announce that The Caledonian is set to receive a multi-million-pound transformation, with over £35 million invested in improvements to the hotel’s infrastructure, bedroom refurbishment, and upgraded and restored public areas, as well as extending the hotel by early 2026. The hotel will become part of the Curio Collection by Hilton this summer, joining a portfolio of remarkable lifestyle hotels that are handpicked for their individuality and character.


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