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Top 5 Foodie Spots in Edinburgh From Chef Stuart Ralston of Restaurant Lyla


Photo: Justin Rodrigues

Lyla, an Edinburgh-based seafood-focused tasting menu restaurant, proudly showcases the exquisite produce sourced from the Scottish Isles. Chef-patron Stuart Ralston's culinary journey, from his formative years alongside Gordon Ramsay in NYC to his prestigious role as Chef de Cuisine at Sandy Lane Resort in Barbados, has left an indelible mark on his unique culinary style. At Lyla, the award-winning chef's commitment to minimal ingredient manipulation shines through, offering guests unexpected yet delightful flavour combinations. The dining experience is both intimate and immersive, with a 10-course tasting menu served in an exquisite Georgian dining room with an ambience that strikes a perfect balance between sophistication and approachability.

With a portfolio of acclaimed restaurants including Aizle, Noto, and Tipo, the chef from Scotland's small town Glenrothes continues to push culinary boundaries in the culinary field. This is why there are no better top 5 foodie spots in Edinburgh to follow than Chef Ralston's.

Photo: Murray Orr

This is a great , very small restaurant from Roberta Hall McCarron. It's never failed to be delicious and a really nice time. The food is a small tasting menu, but weaves in and out of different influences globally. It keeps things interesting, has a great wine list and fantastic staff, so I always recommend it.

Photo: Eorna

2. Eorna

New Chef’s table from Brian Grigor, Eorna is a really cool, small independent restaurant but with a certain quiet ambition. They have only two staff, which is incredible seeing how much work goes into it. The food is classical, seasonal and purely ingredient led. Brian and Glen the sommelier will always make sure you are well looked after. There is no snobbery but it does have a high end feel and beautiful setting.

Photo: Yamato

3. Yamato

My favourite food is sushi and this place is round the corner from my house so I have been there a lot and taken many friends here. It’s one of the few places that does a really good room temperature otoro tuna. Very cool interior , mega friendly staff and fantastic selection of tempura, sashimi, takoyaki balls and other dishes.

Photo: L’Escargot Bleu

A staple in Edinburgh in my opinion, Fred and his wife run a fantastic no nonsense Franco restaurant. It’s French cooking at its best, super authentic, cooked by a true Frenchman who has a passion for Scottish produce like almost no other person in the business. He sources the best ingredients and knows produce and its growing patterns from the seed up. It all goes towards a fantastic experience with a mega wine list also.

Photo: Lovecrumbs cafe

A really understated cafe, with possibly the best window seat in Edinburgh. They take their coffee seriously and the food is always on point, particularly their cakes and pastries. It’s very busy but worth the wait if you can get in.


Imagery of Lyla and Chef Ralston is provided by Goya Communications.

Address: 3 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh | Website: | Phone: +44 131 285 8808 | Email:  | Instagram: @lylaedinburgh


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