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Co-Owner & Chef Roberta Hall McCarron of The Little Chartroom, Edinburgh's Neighbourhood Bistro


Photo: Amelia Claudia

Nestled in Leith, Edinburgh, The Little Chartroom is the culinary brainchild of the talented husband-wife duo, Chef Roberta Hall McCarron and Front of House Shaun McCarron. The restaurant's vibrancy drew inspiration from Roberta's childhood experiences sailing the cinematic Scottish coastline. Serving as both a neighborhood bistro and Roberta's culinary haven, The Little Chartroom seamlessly blends French and British culinary techniques with the finest Scottish ingredients sourced from both land and sea. It stands as a testament to their passion for creating a unique dining experience against the backdrop of Leith's vibrant community.

Photo: Amelia Claudia

1. How has your childhood influenced who you are as a chef?

Growing up, my family had a large butcher business supplying pies, sausages, haggis and all sorts of meat both to the public and large businesses like supermarkets. I generally always have some sort of pie or haggis on the menu and we do on occasion make sausages. I also spent a large amount of time sailing on the West coast of Scotland so I have grown up around fantastic seafood, particularly shellfish. I cook with this a lot and try to put modern twists on traditional dishes. An example would be cullen skink, traditionally a heavy chowder style soup with smoked haddock. I make a light, frothy Arbroath smokie sauce and serve with a potato galette, fillet of turbot, caviar and flowers. It tastes like cullen skunk, and has the same ingredients with the addition of a bit of luxury but is a much lighter version.

Photo: Amelia Claudia

2. What does cooking mean to you?

I love cooking, I love the creativity it gives you as a chef and I love the buzz of a busy kitchen. But I also love how food can bring people together. It is a common interest to so many people but the act of eating around a table with people and sharing plates of food is very special.

Photo: Amelia Claudia

"I love cooking, I love the creativity it gives you as a chef and I love the buzz of a busy kitchen. But I also love how food can bring people together."

- Co-Owner & Chef Roberta Hall McCarron

Photo: Amelia Claudia

3. What do you love the most about your work?

I love seeing the look on guests faces when they take the first bite of something they think is really delicious! I also love teaching the team new skills and seeing their excitement when they get excited by something they haven’t done before.

Photo: Amelia Claudia

4. What do you wish to express through your cooking, and through The Little Chartroom?

Guests should feel like they are stepping into my home when they come into the little chartroom. It should be relaxed and personal. The food we cook is food I like to eat. Lots of nostalgic elements and food memories but ultimately it must be delicious!

Photo: Amelia Claudia

5. What does The Little Chartroom mean to you?

It was my first restaurant so I feel very attached to it, it’s very personal. It’s generally where I spend most of my time cooking and where I feel I can express myself and where my team can also express themselves. I’m proud of everything the restaurant has achieved but there’s still so much work to be done.

Photo: Amelia Claudia

6. How would you describe the dining scene at The Little Chartroom?

Relaxed, fun & delicious.


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Address: 14 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh, EH6 5JD | Website: | Phone: 0131 556 6600 | Email: | Instagram: @thelittlechartroom | Facebook: @thelittlechartroom


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