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3 Internationally Acclaimed Fine Dining Restaurants to Try in Shenzhen, China


Put Michelin-Star chefs in a foreign city like Shenzhen and their tenacious passion for quality food is deemed to attract diners. That has, however, come with the cost of locals reluctant to stray from the comfort of a casual dining setting, let alone settle for Western influences in a fancy setting. Originally known ten years ago for its counterfeit luxury goods and cheap houseware, civilians would never envision Shenzhen becoming a food hotspot. But with its then-modest population size (thus fewer preferences) and abundance of natural resources, international food chains saw the opportunity to suss Shenzhen’s potential, and solo chefs were a close ensue. 

Read on to know where to find the very best fine-dining venues in Shenzhen.

Image courtesy of Ensue

1) Ensue

First McDonald’s, then Ensue. The irony in the name comes with the territory. Almost 30 years after the Fast Food Giant made its way onto the Shenzhen food scene, Californian chef Christopher Kostow entered the market in 2019–with a stellar resume including three Michelin stars from home known as The Restaurant at Meadowood. Hoping to kickstart the city’s demand for fine dining, Chef Kostow entered strategically where his culinary offerings now await on the 40th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel. Since only Western cuisine was welcomed by McDonald’s, civilians at the time weren’t familiar with flavours beyond the burger, therefore growth in the early stages of opening was slow. Bereft, Kostow’s California farm-to-table culture and his inclusion of local ingredients, eventually caught on and locals developed a fondness for international gastronomy. 

With Ensue being Shenzen’s primary Western entrant, it is now wildly respected for its culmination of Cantonese flavours that derive from its signature farm ethos. Kostow’s devotion to his craft goes as far as ensuring the chickens used are fed a strict diet of purely sunflower seeds (apologies to the vegetarians), to be served baked in a sourdough loaf. For the ultimate Ensue experience, be sure to make a reservation at twilight for a taste of Kostow’s California dream. 

Address: Futian CBD Futian Shangri-La Hotel, China, Futian District, Shenzhen, China | Email: | Phone: 86 188 2343 7333 | Instagram: @ensue_sz | Facebook: Ensue Shenzhen

Image courtesy of L'avenue

2) L'Avenue

Talking about chefs soldiering on despite the critics — in 2021, chef Arran McCredie made an entrance with a slight advantage; McCredie was the former sous chef of Belon, the one Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong, not to mention he cooked in several venues alike in London. Like Chef Kostow, however, McCredie found himself tweaking his dishes to succumb more to the local palette, such as reducing the sugar content. His gallant efforts came with little doubt as he patiently waited for diners to develop an acquired taste for his French flavours. 

While authentic dishes were to be the frontrunner of his arsenal, McCredie has resorted to more of a contemporary approach to adapt to more tastebuds. That’s not to say ‘the French way’ is compromised in any shape or form, as he firmly pinpoints the whole je ne sais quoi touch. From croque madame to beurre noisette-it’s safe to say Chef McCredie has nailed the balance to a fine art, with L’Avenue taking a spot in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants of 2023. Do yourself a favour and browse the impressive menu below. C’est si bon.

Address: 6001 Shennan Blvd, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, 518034 | Phone: 8613554988810 | Email: | Instagram: @lavenue_sz | Facebook: L’avenue 

Image courtesy of Shangri-La

3) Shang Garden

With fine dining on the rise, local venues felt the need to elevate their food and beverage offerings. Enter Shang Garden. Located within the Futian Shangri-La Hotel, this high-end restaurant offers a selection of Huaiyang delicacies – a major Chinese cuisine known for its cutting-edge knife skills. This is not to say Western influences take precedence over local flavours- quite the opposite. Traditional cuisine is still favoured by the majority, although you could say Chinese diners have learnt a thing or two from their international foes to elevate their cooking. 

Food aside, the Shang Garden’s dining room boasts plush chairs in a lucky tomato red, placed around large round details where shared plates are a feast for the eyes met with a heartfelt experience. As Shang sets the standard of authentic fine dining in this new wave, it’s safe to say Chefs Christopher Kostow from California and Arran McCredie from Scotland, are not only leading the way in world-class dining in Shenzhen, but also on a global scale. 

Address: Level 2, 4088 Yi Tian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China | Website: | Phone: (86 755) 2151 3838 | Email: | Instagram: @lavenue_sz | Facebook: Shang Garden


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