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5 Cool Treehouses You Can Actually Stay In

From Swiss Family Robinson to the lost boys of Peter Pan’s hideout and Tarzan, the treehouse has long invoked the imagination of both children and grown-ups alike, and these ones brought-to-life so and banded together by us so that you may have the opportunity to live them out, are no different.

Photography courtesy of Secret Tree House Blue Mountains, Australia

1) Secret Tree House Blue Mountains, Australia

Lifted openheartedly out of the pages of a storybook, and nestled above the oceans of evergreens which cascade over Blue Mountain National Park, this treehouse is one that boasts, aside from spectacularly unparalleled perspectives of the park, which can be soaked up in its entirety thanks to the presence of floor-to-ceiling windows, a kitchenette, fireplace, spa and queen-sized bed. Although, where its character unquestionably rests, is in its agrestic interior, think ligneous accents, oil lamps and shearling throws.

Address: Bilpin, New South Wales, Australia | Book:

Photography courtesy of Ngala Treehouse, South Africa

2) Ngala Treehouse, South Africa

For those in search of an introspective hideaway, there’s no accommodation that does this more than the Kruger National Park’s Ngala Treehouse, cocooned deep inside an enclave where lions, elephants, cheetahs and buffalo roam against the brilliantly inimitable landscape of an African crepuscule. The space itself boasts four platforms enveloping a bedroom, an opening-plan gallery and a splendiferous observation veranda.

Address: Timbavati, andBeyond Ngala Private Game Reserve, 1380, South Africa | Book: | Phone: +27 11 809 4300 | Instagram:@andbeyondtravel | Facebook: @andBeyondTravel

Photography courtesy of Green O Tree House, Montana

3) Green O Tree House, Montana, United States

Hoisted 23 feet into the empyrean and built to be accessible through a serpentine, utilitarian walkway, this brutalism-enthused treehouse which rests on a ranch in Western Montanas’s Blackwater River Valley, is punctuated by a master bedroom, restroom and an outdoor hot tub, It’s agrestic landscape, a 100 miles of which can be explored thanks to the presence of numerous hiking trails, makes it perfect for those seeking to step away from the hustle-and-bustle of life,

Address: 4069 Backcountry Road, Greenough, MT 59823, United States | Book: | Email: | Phone: +1 877-251-2841 | Instagram: @thegreenomontana | Facebook: @thegreenomontana

Photography courtesy of The Treehouse Suite at La Sultana Oualidia

4) The Treehouse Suite at La Sultana Oualidia, Morocco

Wrapped around the trunk of an elephantine eucalyptus sapling, this treehouse with its elevated ceilings, crescent-moon bed, downy soft bohemian cushions and earthenware aesthete, is one which looks to definitely transport its guests to contemporary heights, high enough in fact, to appreciate the flocks of flamingos soaring over the lagoon.

Address: Parc à huîtres n° 3, Oualidia, Morocco | Book: | Email: | Phone: +212 5 24 38 80 08 | Instagram: @lasultanaoualidiaofficiel | Facebook: @lasultanahotels

Photography courtesy of Treetop Fiddan

5) Treetop Fiddan, Norway

Enveloped by indomitable fjords and a domineering forest, Treetop Fiddan encourages its guests to not only live within the natural landscape, but appreciate all it has to offer, from the drinking water which can be accrued from a nearby farm, to the berries that can be foraged before being set aside in a solar-powered fridge.

Address: Havreselandsveien 85, 4525 Konsmo | Book: | Email: | Phone: +47 94327874 | Instagram: @treetopfiddan | Facebook: @TreeTopFiddan


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