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5 Practical Tips For Staying Healthy in Hong Kong


1) Choose Local and Fresh Foods

Hong Kong is an expensive city, there’s no getting around that. But there are a couple of exceptions and one of these is food. Nutrition is the cornerstone of health and wellness and in Hong Kong, we have a wide variety of food affordable, fresh options. One of the easiest ways to stay well is to embrace variety and “eat the rainbow”. Wet markets have an amazing selection of greens and seasonal options at very affordable prices. Get creative and try new veggies, filling up your plate with as many as possible. Fats and proteins are also super important to maintaining your health and wellbeing so stock up on fish, lean meat and legumes. Remember, pleasure and enjoyment are a big part of staying well and managing stress, so the occasional beer, cocktail or pineapple bun won’t derail your progress – enjoy!

2) Embrace Urban Fitness

Take advantage of Hong Kong's beautiful urban parks and scenic landscapes for outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging, or outdoor yoga. Most trails can be reached by MTR, light bus or a short taxi ride. Some of the most iconic ones include Victoria Peak, Dragons Back and Sunset Peak (for those not scared of a challenge) with the added bonus of taking you on a short boat ride to nearby Lantau (the largest of the HK islands). 

3) Find Stress Relief

Integrate stress-relieving practices into your daily life, such as deep breathing exercises, short meditation sessions, or mindfulness techniques. Hong Kong is a 24-hour city with constant noise, stimulation and distractions. It can be hard to switch off but taking a few moments each day to de-stress, breathe and be present can be hugely beneficial. It’s easy to overcomplicate wellness but we just need to remember to take time for ourselves, say “no” as needed and remember to ask for help. 

4) Set Boundaries

Establish a healthy work-life balance by setting boundaries to ensure time for rest, relaxation, and leisure, learning, and fun. This is easier said than done but take time to assess where you spend your time – all work and no play is definitely not a recipe for optimal health. Try new hobbies, meet friends, or explore the city's cultural offerings to recharge and maintain a well-rounded lifestyle.

5) Prioritise Quality Sleep

Create a conducive sleep environment by establishing a consistent sleep schedule and minimising distractions. My favourite and most effective tips include incorporating a wind down routine before bedtime with calming activities such as reading, a hot shower and not eating too late. The morning routine is also important – get outside first thing and let the sunshine naturally reset your circadian rhythm!

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