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A Guide to Lord Howe Island, the "Hawaii of Australia's East Coast"


Head two hours east of Sydney’s Port Macquarie, and you’ll find you’ve been transported to a faraway land slightly resembling the Hawaiian islands. Though both share different bodies of water, it’s a wonder why Lord Howe Island isn’t more talked about when it’s the perfect reason to flee the city but stay local. This spectacular World Heritage-listed site is your best excuse to explore the east coast of Australia, where you’re surrounded by endless natural beauty, pristine waters, and only about 400 visitors at any one time. The cherry on top? There are several ways to explore the place whether you love to throw on the hiking boots or discover the underwater sanctuary of the Tasman Sea. Luxury accommodation options are abundant and pair with the most delectable food and drink offerings. Here’s an insight into what you can expect from this little slice of heaven. 

Photo: Courtesy of Lord Howe Island


Photo: Courtesy of Capella Lodge Gallery

Capella Lodge

Lord Howe Island’s most premium headquarters for an unforgettable and rejuvenating stay, is none other than the Capella Lodge. With timeless views of Mount Gower and the vast ocean landscape, you’ll be completely transfixed in every corner you choose to reside; think succulent sunset dinner, cooling off in the infinity plunge pool, or simply lounging on the open-air deck of Gowers Terrace. 

Offering the best of the best, there are nine luxury suites onsite, all featuring a king bed, Bose music system, wireless internet plus everything you need to ensure a comfortable stay. To top it off, included is a delicious gourmet breakfast, a three-course dinner, plus a generous drinks package, as well as mountain bikes and Airport transfers. 

Address: Lagoon Rd, Lord Howe Island NSW 2898  | Website:  | Phone: (02) 9918 4355  | Email: | Instagram: @solitarelodgenz| Facebook: Capella Lodge - Lord Howe Island

Photo: Courtesy of Arajilla Gallery

Arajilla Retreat and Restaurant

Known for being one of a kind with its Kentia Palms and Banyan Trees engulfing the property, Arajilla Retreat is one of the most sought-after on the island and here’s why.

For the soul-seekers, sand wanderers and yogi masters, this choice will surely be a wise one. Feel like exploring? Venture to Old Settlement Beach just a short walk from the Retreat, to revel in some snorkelling, diving or fishing. Then, to make the most of your time, the retreat’s signature Day Spa run by Scott and Kim Allan trained in Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga, is a treatment you can’t not experience. Their special science-based practice delivers the utmost relief mentally, physically and emotionally. Established by traditional Indian and Tibetan medicine, sessions are created to promote deep healing and longevity, longer after you depart the island. 

Arajilla wouldn’t be complete without its own elegant island restaurant nestled amongst lush green forests. Boasting a seafood-centric menu, you can expect international-style dishes accompanied by a bespoke collection of Australian and New Zealand wines. Included in your package, indulge in breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, or perhaps you’d like to acquire a picnic hamper to take to one of the island’s many scenic outdoor dining locations. 

Address: Old Settlement Beach, Lagoon Road, Lord Howe Island NSW 2898  | Website:  | Phone: (02) 6563 2002  | Email:   | Instagram: @arajillaretreat| Facebook: Arajilla, Lord Howe Island, Australia

Photo: Courtesy of Lord Howe Island

Bowker Beach House

Look no further than the private Bowker Beach House located directly opposite the island’s infamous lagoon, ideal for all ocean lovers. So tranquil, the canopy of engulfing trees along with smooth chocolate timber hovering off the forest floor, is just enough to awaken your senses. Further, barefoot luxury hints at the house’s outdoor shower tucked away in a native forest environment. 

Conveniently, all amenities, a museum and dining are an easy five-minute stroll away, and if you simply feel like laying low at Bowker, It’s unlikely you’ll be stuck with what to do; kayaks, snorkelling gear, hiking poles and yoga mats are all included in the price. Just a few steps into your backyard and the world (island), is your oyster.

Address: Bowker Beach House, Lord Howe Island NSW 2898  | Website:  | Phone: (02) 6563 2002  | Email:    


Photo: Courtesy of Lord Howe Island

Bird Watching Upon Malabar Hill

On a two-hour round hike to Malabar through dense forest with muttonbird burrows, you’ll reach the world’s largest nesting ground for red-tailed tropicbirds, gracefully circling the clifftops. Around the time colonisers discovered Lord Howe Island in the late eighteenth century, birds were hunted for food, encouraging traders to be crowned the island’s first inhabitants where they survived by exporting muttonbird feathers. Situated towards the north of the island, the peak offers sweeping views of Lord Howe’s volcanic peaks including Mount Gower.

Photo: Courtesy of Lord Howe Island

Trek Mount Gower

If feathers don’t take your fancy, but perhaps a challenging hike up Mount Gower’s entire 875 meters does–this eight-hour return trek is rated as one of Australia’s best, and the views are spectacular. Expect a 14-kilometre journey and end at the peak taking in views of what are considered today to be remnants of a 6.4 million-year-old volcano. The colony of islets seen today, form one-fortieth of the volcano’s original size. 

Photo: Courtesy of Lord Howe Island

Dive Beneath Ball’s Pyramid 

Take a deep dive 23 kilometres southeast of the island where you’ll be situated at the world’s largest sea stack–somewhat hidden gem divers elsewhere would rather be. Ball’s Pyramid structure sees all kinds of underwater natives from angelfish to pods of dolphins and the most ethereal sight of turtles. Exploring the caves scattered beneath, you never know what you’ll find. 


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