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7 Korean Restaurants London with Halal-Friendly Options


London's vibrant dining scene boasts a plethora of enticing Korean restaurants, each offering a tantalising array of mouthwatering dishes. These ones have the added bonus of serving Halal meat to ensure a delightful experience for Muslim food enthusiasts craving the flavours of Korea. From sizzling barbecued meats to fragrant stews and delectable street food delights, these establishments invite you to embark on a gastronomic adventure that celebrates the rich and diverse tapestry of Korean cuisine.

1) Kimchee Restaurant & Bar, Pancras Square

With its Kimchee Grill-It-Your-Way experience, allowing you to cook your own set of Korean BBQ on their grills, and its menu full of various, tasty Korean dishes, like Cheese Dudk Bok Gi and Jjam Bbong, Kimchee is a restaurant that promises their customers with luxury, elegance, and authentic Korean cuisines.

Address: Unit 4, 2 Pancras Sq, London N1C 4AG | Phone: 02039078474 | Website: | Instagram: @kimcheegram | Email:

2) Yori, Covent Garden

With multiple branches across the UK, including Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, Wimbledon and more, Yori promises delicious, authentic Korean cuisines with popular, catchy K-Pop music that you find yourself swaying and dancing to. Founded by Jong-Soon Kim, Yori offers juicy tteokbokki, crunchy Korean fried chicken, and sets of Korean BBQ for you to cook and enjoy. They even have placemats with Korean phrases for you to learn, like ‘Enjoy your meal!’

Address (Covent Garden Branch): 15 Catherine St, WC2B 5JZ | Website: | Phone (Covent Garden Branch): +44 (0)20 7836 3145 | Instagram: @yori_london_

3) SuperStar BBQ, St Giles

SuperStar BBQ serves juicy Korean BBQ dishes, with lunch and dinner menus full of delicious Korean cuisines, including hot-stone Bibimbap and succulent various types of Korean fried chicken. They also offer something incredibly fun and unique to accompany your tasty experience: the chance to sing in their karaoke rooms! Whether you wish to celebrate a loved one’s birthday, have a memorable night out, or simply sing one of your favourite songs, all while craving some delicious Korean food, SuperStar BBQ has got you covered.

Address: Central Piazza St Giles, 4 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8AB | Website: | Phone: 020 7836 6577 | Instagram: @superstarbbquk

4) KPOP, Oxford Circus

Yes, there is a restaurant in London called KPOP, and yes, there is a large picture of BTS plastered on the wall for you to take a picture with. But, more importantly, there is a variety of renowned, popular ramyeon, bowls of Rabokki and more as you enjoy a fun, tasty experience in the heart of London’s Oxford Circus!

Address: 47 Margaret St, London W1W 8SB | Phone: 02032050055 | Instagram:

5) Bari Bari, Whitechapel

A bustling, popular restaurant in the midst of Whitechapel, Bari Bari provides a cosy ambience and mouth-watering Korean dishes and BBQ, and introduces you to the renowned, unique experience of creating and savouring your own Korean BBQ Lettuce Wrap.

Address: 24 White Church Ln, London E1 7QL | Phone: 02037594713 | Instagram: @baribariuk

6) Assa, Soho

A relaxed eatery hidden within the busy streets of Soho, Assa’s Korean dishes are exquisite and full of flavour. Serving spicy, tasty tteokbokki, renowned hot-pots, and a variety of rice and noodle dishes, Assa plays popular K-Pop songs and friendly service as you sit and enjoy incredible plates of authentic Korean foods.

Address: 23 Romilly St, London W1D 5AQ | Phone: 02077349050 | Website:

7) Arang, Golden Square

Seated next to Golden Square mart, which sells an abundance of East-Asian ingredients and multiple packets of popular ramen, Arang serves a variety of tasty Korean foods, from Hameul Pajeon (Korean savoury pancake made predominantly with scallions) to Goon Mandoo (Korean Dumplings).

Address: 9 Golden Square, London W1F 9HZ | Phone: 02074342073 | Instagram: @aranglondon


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