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7 Unique Coffee Shops in London


The bustling city of London is deeply rooted in coffee culture, with cafés on almost every corner you turn. It’s the type of place where you can start a conversation by asking: ‘What’s your favourite coffee shop?’. So, for those who don’t have an answer to that question yet, here are some unique coffee shops in London to check out!

The Observatory
Photo: The Observatory

1. The Observatory

Near the heart of Bloomsbury, The Observatory is a café not to be missed. Its large glass window welcomes you into the white and chic café front serving great coffee, light meals and freshly baked goods. From the display shelf by the entrance to the spacious room at the end of the coffee shop, The Observatory exhibits photographs from up-and-coming artists. So, each time you visit, it’s a different atmosphere.

Address: 64 Marchmont Street, London, United Kingdom | Website: | Email: | Phone: +44 20 7813 9877 | Instagram: @observatorygallery @observatorycoffee | Facebook: @The Observatory Photography Gallery

WatchHouse – Spitalfields
Photo: WatchHouse – Spitalfields

2. WatchHouse – Spitalfields

WatchHouse Spitalfields sits firmly in the middle of the bustling Commercial Street of London. The bright, brick wall design pays homage to the industrial heritage of the area, a perfect setting for coffee lovers for all occasions. WatchHouse Spitalfields is open daily, with a view of the busy capital streets and you can stay as long as you please. If you are feeling spontaneous and want to try a new coffee drink, don’t be shy and ask their friendly baristas!

Address: 139 Commercial Street, London, E1 6BJ, United Kingdom | Website: | Phone: +44 (0) 203 246 0087 | Email: | Instagram: @watchhouse | Facebook: @watchhouse | Twitter: @watchhouse_uk

Attendant – Fitzrovia
Photo: Attendant – Fitzrovia

3. Attendant – Fitzrovia

Attendant has blossomed into five locations today. You can order their seasonal espresso blend from the Attendant Roastery to enjoy in the green chairs and Victorian tiles inspired by the original Doulton & Co porcelain urinals. To top it off, their coffee beans are sourced sustainably and of the best quality.

Address: 27a Foley Street, Fitzrovia W1W 6DY, United Kingdom | Website: | Email: | Instagram: @attendantcoffeeroasters | Facebook: | Twitter: @attendant_uk

Monmouth Coffee – Covent Garden
Photo: Monmouth Coffee – Covent Garden

4. Monmouth Coffee – Covent Garden

This small, black café has its name written on all coffee lover’s bucket lists. Founded in 1978, the coffee roaster, retailer and wholesaler company played a significant role in regenerating London’s famous Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden and Borough Market. Since then, Monmouth Coffee has kept up its high-quality coffee beans, sourcing seasonally after careful selection from a wide range of farms worldwide. All staff are exceptionally trained and are ready to offer you your perfect coffee bean, grind and brewing tips.

Address: 27 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9EU, United Kingdom | Website: | Phone: 020 7232 3010 | Email: | Instagram: @monmouthcoffee

Host Café
Photo: Host Café

5. Host Café

Within the historical and graceful Saint Mary Aldermary Church is the elegant and grand Host Café. Under the magnificent architectural ceilings and colourful mosaic windows, you can have a cup of hot coffee with a savoury sandwich or a sweet dessert. It’s a place for work, study and soft conversation with friends. Though the church is still operating, meaning the café is closed during weekends, its beauty and the community remain a must-visit for café hoppers!

Address: St Mary Aldermary Church, Watling Street, London, United Kingdom | Website: | Phone: +44 7873 438774 | Instagram: @hostcoffee | Facebook: @Host Café

Shaman Coffee – Leman Street
Photo: Shaman Coffee – Leman Street

6. Shaman Coffee – Leman Street

With many locations in London, this coffee shop is designed as a space of comfort, relaxation and concentration. The foundation of Shaman Coffee was inspired by Shamanism, an ancient healing tradition and a way of life which centres on human connections. Nothing can go wrong when you have coffee, food and great company, right? Find a pastel, calming space for creativity at its Leman St location.

Address: 15 Leman St, E1 8EN London, United Kingdom | Website: | Email: | Instagram: | Facebook: @Shaman.lnd

Redemption Roasters – Kings Cross
Photo: Redemption Roasters – Kings Cross

7. Redemption Roasters – Kings Cross

Deep inside King’s Cross’s Coal Drop Yard, you can find a rustic and industrial-looking coffee house: Redemption Roasters. The company’s roastery is located in prison HMP the Mount, providing offenders with an opportunity for ‘redemption’ to integrate into society. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the Victorian heritage and contemporary space to observe the city's liveliness.

Address: Unit 109, Lower Stable St, Kings Cross London N1C 4AQ, United Kingdom | Website: | Instagram: @redemptionroasters | Facebook: @Redemption Roasters


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