9 Underrated Destinations to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

From desert safaris to the northern lights, here are nine bucket list destinations we’re dreaming of right now.

Photo: Hiroki Ogawa (Wikipedia)

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Marrakech and Fez may be high on the list to visit for a Moroccan holiday, yet the region’s best-kept secret lies in Chefchaouen, the glorious ceruleum city—also known as “The Blue Pearl”. Nestled high up in Morocco’s Rif Mountains, the city is painted in all-blue (by Jewish refugees who lived here in the 1930s), offering a picturesque respite from city life. Travellers flock to this hidden gem to explore the winding streets and artisan-filled medina, where one can find traditional Moroccan spices, handcrafted goods and exquisitely hand-woven rugs. Add this destination to your bucket list for a peaceful taste of authentic Moroccan culture.

Hotels to stay at:

Photo: Chris Charles

Borneo, Malay Archipelago

Being the largest island in Asia (and the third-largest in the world), it’s surprising to hear that Bo