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A Dreamy Sleep: The Skyler Mattress

Finding the perfect mattress to obtain the best deep sleep is a big decision to improve lifestyle habits. There’s so many things to consider—the firmness, the material and of course, the cost. Yet, once you’ve found the right fit, will make all the difference to your quality of rest and how refreshed you feel the next day. We review The Skyler Mattress by Skyler, a premium foam-based solution to getting the best sleep.

Image courtesy of Skyler

About Skyler

Skyler is a leading online mattress brand based in Hong Kong since 2017, which offers premium foam-based mattresses and pillows with an intention to improve sleep. One of the brand’s perks is that the mattresses are conveniently packed in an airtight folded-up method for easy delivery and storage—known as the label’s innovative ‘mattress-in-a-box’ concept. Products are sold online and across over ten stores in Hong Kong and Macau, including a Skyler showroom, department stores, furniture stores and online marketplaces.

Image courtesy of Skyler

We Tried…The Skyler Mattress

Skyler’s signature product, The Skyler Mattress, is what I would imagine a luxury mattress to be. Crafted from three foam layers of natural, latex, cooling gel memory foam and high-density support foam, the mattress provides all the quality and comfort needed for a good nights’ sleep. Prior to trying the Skyler Mattress, I was using a spring mattress, which are known to ruin posture and back—a foam mattress, however, is designed to provide firm and lasting support in comparison. Thus, I put it to the test.

The Idea: A spring-free foam mattress absorbs and isolates motion, thus the mattress stays silent and couples won’t feel each others’ movements for undisturbed sleep throughout the night. How We Felt: This was pretty accurate—I’ve been waking up in the same position as how I slept and my posture feels better every time I wake up.

The Idea: Skyler mattresses are compact and vacuum-packed for convenience. How We Felt: The mattress arrived in a condense-packed box which was great for storage. However, it was extremely heavy (understandably) but still fine to carry.

Image courtesy of Skyler

The Idea: It’s designed with cooling features using infused cooling gel and breathable Coolmax® & Tencel® blended fabric, specially made for Hong Kong’s warm and humid environment. How We Felt: There is a soothing coolness to the mattress—something I haven’t personally experienced before. Same goes for the pillows but more on that later.

The Idea: The hypoallergenic and anti-dustmite mattress cover can also be removed to be washed and cleaned in case of any spills. How We Felt: I haven’t had any allergies since using it.

Image courtesy of Skyler

The Idea: The mattress is as stylish as it is comfortable. How We Felt: It is very chic looking—the sides of the mattress features a plush blue velvet trim.

Note: Skyler offers a 100-night trial guarantee with free returns on all mattresses, ensuring every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase. Materials used in the mattress are certified to the highest international standards including CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX®, ensuring no harmful chemicals are used and that the mattress meets the programs’ strict standards for performance and durability. Skyler mattresses come with a 10-year warranty for complete peace-of-mind.

Image courtesy of Skyler

We Tried…Skyler Pillows

With an elegant, sturdy mattress comes equally-comfortable pillow options. Skyler’s pillows are memory foam-based and designed with a cooling gel pad layer added for extra comfort and heat dissipation. I tried both the Classic and Contour pillows for unparalleled comfort during my sleep. The pillows are curated to be supportive for back and side sleepers. Skyler pillows also feature a breathable Coolmax® & Tencel® cover that can be removed to be washed and cleaned, and is also hypoallergenic and anti-dustmite.

Classic Pillow

The Classic Pillow from Skyler is shaped in a traditional, flat-profile to support and balance comfort in the head and neck. This was my favourite choice of pillow because I tend to switch between back and side if I wake up during the night. Each side of the pillow also provides different levels of firmness.

Image courtesy of Skyler

Contour Pillow

Skyler’s Contour Pillow is a rendered in a comfortable, curved, ergonomic shape to match the natural curve of the neck. After a long day out, this bedding accessory is ideal for resting the neck and head for optimal pressure relief and improved sleep. The pillow comes with a removal foam layer which can be used to raise or lower the pillow height for perfect alignment.

Image courtesy of Skyler

The Verdict: Sleep Haven

My experience with Skyler’s bedding (The Skyler Mattress and the Classic Pillow and Contour Pillow) have definitely improved my sleep for the better. My back feels less sore in the mornings considering I spend a lot of time hunched at a desk with my computer. This is definitely ideal for those looking to get quality sleep and rest in the comfort of your own luxury bed.

More info: Location: Unit 2B, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong Phone: +852 2877 8668 Email:  Insta: | Facebook: @skylerhk


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