A Real Good Burger at Honbo


“A Real Good Burger” is the slogan behind Hong Kong-born burger joint, Honbo. For the Cantonese-speakers, the name may sound familiar—that’s because Honbo is short for “hon bao bao” when translated (meaning burgers). Burgers are essentially comfort food for some, yet when it’s cooked right, provides so much more: an authentic taste, juicy bites and indulgent devouring. We visited the well-loved burger hub for a cheat meal of tasty indulgence.

Image courtesy of Mr Ping | Cha Siu Papers

Trendy Location

Honbo opened its first location on the buzzing Star Street in 2017, and its second store at The Mills, a quintessential arts destination. We’ve visited both and can recommend each depending on the vibe you’re going for. For this review, we will focus on the flagship branch, an American diner-style hub that fits right in the neighbourhood of boutiques and art stores alike. Star Street is an up-and-coming spot for artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs of all sorts, featuring an assortment of exciting businesses including zero-waste stores, bars, restaurants, and art workshops.