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A Taste of New Orleans at The Chicken Bar

Gone are the days where fried chicken only connotes with fast food. Although we like our share of chain Kentucky fried, there’s a rising demand for MSG-and-additive-free produce across all cuisines and dishes. This includes fried chicken, which, although a rarity in Hong Kong, is very much sought-after by young and older generations. Filling the gap in the market with authentic fried chicken, The Chicken Bar opened its doors at Central’s H Code block, a sleek building off Pottinger Street, just opposite the famed Iron Fairies and J Boroski. CSP Times stopped by to try the best dishes and drinks for a treat-worthy Saturday afternoon.

the chicken bar cha siu papers times mr ping


Situated in the trendy new H Code on Pottinger Street, The Chicken Bar is perched on the bottom floor, whilst the rest of the building houses bars, shisha stops and restaurants. After a few pop ups last year, it launched its official opening in July 2019. The restaurant is a collaboration between Okra’s award-winning, New Orleans chef Max Levy and restauranteur Michael Chan, the owner of Honbo. 

the chicken bar cha siu papers times mr ping


There’s a very cool retro theme at The Chicken Bar, a little similar to BaseHall or Honbo. Boasting a bold colour palette with swinging tunes, the restaurant is energetic and casual—ideal for a post-work drink or weekend brunch. Designed by JJ Acuna from Bespoke Studio, The Chicken Bar conjures up memories of being a child and visiting fast food chains with family. 

the chicken bar cha siu papers times mr ping

The Food

We tried a variety of the—you guessed it—chicken dishes. This included the fried chicken, chicken wings, the milk bread fried chicken sandwich, and the chicken poppers. We had these on rotation, with the drink to match, of course.

the chicken bar cha siu papers times mr ping

The locally-raised Kamei chickens are chosen for their tenderness and natural production, being free from artificial colours, hormones, additives, and antibiotics. All the chicken was just-right crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside.

the chicken bar cha siu papers times mr ping

The Drink

Drinks go from the classic soft drinks to beer and Japanese Asahi. We tried cocktails on the day, which included the fried chicken-topped Bloody Mary and the margarita. The tomato Bloody Mary was particularly scrumptious and juicy.

the chicken bar cha siu papers times mr ping


If you’re wanting a taste of good ol’ New Orleans southern fried chicken, The Chicken Bar is a great place to get it. With its stylish interiors, bringing back old-school nostalgia, the restaurant is lit with neon signs and colour pop interiors for a fresh take on your typical chicken eatery. The vibe is casual and fun—a go-to for drinks and snacks with friends or family.

The Chicken Bar, Shop 3 G/F, H Code Building, 45 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2569 9883,


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