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Brand Feature: Sustainability at Nespresso

If you’re a caffeine enthusiast, or even if you aren’t, chances are, you’ve come across the multinational coffee brand Nespresso. Originating from Switzerland, the household label is a pioneer in the highest-quality portioned coffee. Wes delve in a little deeper into what’s considered lesser-known about Nespresso and on the brand’s launch of bringing back lost coffees, the “Reviving Origins” campaign.

Image courtesy of Nespresso | The buying station Nyakiyumbu situated in the Rwenzori region in western Uganda, on March 29th, 2019.

About Nestlé Nespresso SA

Nestlé Nespresso SA works with over 110,000 farmers in 14 countries, using AAA Sustainability Quality Programme to ensure that each practice complies with its sustainability ethos. The programme was launched in 2003 in collaboration with The Rainforest Alliance and aims to improve the yield and quality of harvests for a healthier, happier community of farmers.

With its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso operates in 84 countries and has a global retail network of 810 boutiques.

Image courtesy of Nespresso

Sustainability at Nespresso

There are several programmes at Nespresso which encourage sustainability and giving back to the community. The brand works closely with farmers to ensure fair trade and safe farming. Nespresso’s recycling programme asks customers to bring back the aluminium capsules after using them at home, which can be arranged by either bringing the capsules back to the boutiques or by asking for a door-to-door pick up. Once collected, the used Nespresso capsules are shredded and remelted into recycled aluminium, whilst the coffee residue is sent to farms in the New Territories for compost (in Hong Kong).

Image courtesy of Nespresso

The Reviving Origins Programme

Nespresso’s Reviving Origins programme aims to discover forgotten coffee and restoring coffee farming practices to rebuild communities in places affected by adversities. Three delightful single-origin coffees are brought back to life whilst reviving rural communities where coffee was under threat. The coffees brought to Hong Kong include rare single-origin coffees from Eastern Zimbabwe, Caquetá in Colombia and the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda.

Nespresso uses blockchain technology to enable customers to trace the journey—or origins—of each capsule, from the individual farms starting in Zimbabwe.

The Coffees

We tried the three sleeves:

Image courtesy of Nespresso


When Zimbabwe’s coffee production nearly came to a complete halt in the 1980s (from climate factors and economic instability), Nespresso worked with the global non-profit organisation Technoserve to preserve the local community. The flavour of this coffee is fruity and zesty with bright acidity, made from a combination of grapes, currants, and red berries.

Image courtesy of Nespresso


Coffee production almost disappeared in Caquetá, Colombia after 50 years of conflict, so many farmers left their lands. Nespresso’s agronomists provided training on sustainable farming following a partnership with the Colombian National Coffee Growers Federation to rebuild its industry. The flavour is light in acidity and balanced and rounded with hints of yellow fruits and a cereal note.

Image courtesy of Nespresso


Last but not least, the Amaha Awe Uganda was developed as a result of Uganda’s lessened production of coffee due to climate change, poor farming practices and economic hardship. This was changed when Nespresso joined forces with Agri Evolve, a young agribusiness dedicated to improving farmer productivity. The flavour comprises sandalwood and elegant florals.

Image courtesy of Nespresso | Joseph Kirimbwa and his wife Rose, farmers members of Nespresso’s AAA fair trade program to improve the yield and quality of coffee produced in the Rwenzori region of western Uganda, are sorting their harvest of coffee, separating ripe red cherries from green cherries, at their home in Mbata, a small village north of Rwenzori, on March 28, 2019.

Nespresso’s Goal

Nespresso has set its goals to serve quality coffee from the long-term sustainability of coffee farming communities. The brand works with agronomists and organisations to provide farmers with continuous training and materials and offer access to new practices and create positivity in communities.


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