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Meet BubbleMe Hard Seltzer, a Light, Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage Perfect For Summer Nights

Founded by Hong Kong-based Allen Zhang, this beverage could be your next favourite pick up for pre-drinks, summer barbecues and weekend celebrations.

bubbleme hard seltzer


Hard seltzer is actually a very new concept to the alcohol industry. Founded in 2013 in the United States, the highball drink only really started gaining immense popularity in 2018/19 for house parties and park day-outs. Fast forward to now, the beverage is a crowd favourite across supermarkets and bars in the US, but in other nations—it's still gaining momentum. Such a brand to step into this new realm of alcoholic indulgence is BubbleMe in Hong Kong, a guilt-free, low-calorie hard seltzer ready to enter the Asian market at full pace. Launching last year, the brand has quickly expanded into events and stores across the city to bring light to local residents looking for a new party drink. BubbleMe also has its own online store which delivers directly to your door.

bubbleme hard seltzer

What is it?

The concept is quite simple. There are no overpowering flavours, nasty chemicals or anything of the sort. The hard seltzer is a refreshing and easy to drink alcoholic sparkling beverage packed with Vitamin C and a fruity flavour (there are currently three flavours to choose from). Each can is only 83 calories, made with zero sugar and comprising gluten-free properties and only 2g of carbs. Each sip features 5% alcohol, sparkling water, pure fruit flavours and an exotic twist on typical alcoholic drinks. BubbleMe is the combination of the fizz from beer with the fruits from wine. It's a bloat-free alternative to beer while being a less alcoholic version of wine. Perfect for friends gatherings, beachside barbecues and family hangouts, BubbleMe has got you sorted—and it's easy to transport.

The flavours

bubbleme hard seltzer

bubbleme hard seltzer

Where to get BubbleMe

Get #allbubbledup at one of BubbleMe's retail partner locations:

  • Tramline Liquor Co, Kennedy Town & Wan Chai

  • Big Dill, Sai Ying Pun

  • HKTV Mall (Online)

  • Dead & Central, Central

  • Wheat & Wood, Kennedy Town

  • The Bottle Shop, Sai Kung

  • Momentai, Sai Kung

  • Binge Drinking Club, Central

  • KTown Liquor Store, Kennedy Town

  • Sai Liquor, Sai Ying Pun

bubbleme hard seltzer

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All image courtesy of BubbleMe.

CSP Times in paid partnership with BubbleMe.


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