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Catching Up With Indian Matchmaking's Viral Joshi


In Netflix’s hit reality series Indian Matchmaking, Viral Joshi captured the attention of viewers with her charm and enigmatic energy. She is someone with a heart of gold that carries herself with elegance. Within her humility, we discovered her impressive accomplishments.

Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, Joshi found her passion in the pharmaceutical drug development industry. She graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a double major of psychology with a minor in chemistry and biology with a concentration in cellular and molecular physiology. Now, she dedicates her career to the future of medicine, just as much as she dedicates her heart to finding love. This beloved cast strives to establish long-term goals whilst also enjoying life in its purest form and to be fully immersed in every moment. Here, Joshi shares her moments on Indian Matchmaking and her romantic and career values.

1. Can you tell us about yourself and how you ended up on Netflix's hit series Indian Matchmaking?

I grew up in Durham, North Carolina and work in the pharmaceutical drug development industry and love it. I recently leaned into meditation and living a healthier lifestyle. I came across Indian Matchmaking during a casting call for Indian singles who were looking to work with a matchmaker to help them find a significant other.

2. When did you first come across Sima Aunty?

I first saw Sima Aunty with everyone else on season one of Indian Matchmaking! She appeared like every other Indian aunty I had met so she felt comfortable. I thought she provided people with great biodatas that seemed to match on paper, so I was excited for the opportunity to work with her. I then met her for the first time, which we see in season two, and felt that same familiarity in person.

3. What are some of your favourite moments from the show?

I have several favourite moments from the show between myself and my castmates! From my moments, in season two, I really enjoyed reviewing biodatas with Sima Aunty and my parents in the dining room. I also really enjoyed my dates (that ovo-lacto-semi vegetarian moment was hilarious)! Xena, my cat, also makes a very cute cameo. In season three, I loved the moments in Central Park and travelling to India. From my castmates moments in season three, I really enjoyed watching the salsa dancing and paint-and-sip dates because they were very creative! And of course, watching a proposal is always a sweet moment.

4. What does your career mean to you and how do you see yourself in 10 years?

Working in the pharmaceutical drug development industry is extremely rewarding because I get the opportunity to work on drugs that will help shape the future of medicine. I started this journey while in college working at an endocrinology clinic and worked my way up to the position I am in today. It’s always important to have a long-term plan and outlook in careers but also it’s important to remember that life is always changing; right now, I love my career where it is and can see myself developing in the pharmaceutical world but I’m open to all opportunities that come.

5. How has your Indian-American background influenced who you are today?

Being Indian-American for me is a fun juggling act. I grew up in America so the American culture was always a natural part of my life, it was the Indian side that I had to work to maintain and is something I hope to continue to maintain in the future. Having a bicultural identity provides a certain depth and introspection that fosters understanding and an openness that also allows others around me to be and express themselves fully. I embrace it all!

6. What do you look for in a romantic partner and what advice do you have for newbies on the dating scene?

Ultimately, I look for matching values and someone who truly understands what commitments means. But if we’re talking about “checklists,” haha, I’m looking for someone who has the same cultural background, enjoys a fitness and healthy lifestyle, and can balance work and play. My advice for newbies on the dating scene: please be patient and gracious with yourself and remember that rejection is a blessing in disguise because then you’re one person closer to finding the right match and partner for you. And to never give up trying to find someone if that is what you truly want.

6. Lastly, what's next for you? Any exciting projects in the pipeline?

I recently moved to New York City and am leaning into the creative side of my personality. As a minority, it is important to continue sharing stories and perspectives so I’m hoping to be more involved in representation. I am working on a new radio project that focuses on living a more mindful and intentional life! Follow me on Instagram at @viraljoshi_ for the freshest updates on episode releases and other future endeavours; I’m excited to take everyone on this journey with me!


All imagery is provided by Viral Joshi.


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