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Lindsay Jang On Her Top Health & Wellness Spots in Asia


Lindsay Jang, a multifaceted dynamo, defies easy categorisation. A serial entrepreneur, she effortlessly juggles roles as a restaurateur, fitness authority, influencer, and savvy businesswoman, all while gracefully navigating the demands of motherhood with two young children. We sat down with her to find out what makes her tick – and the locales she holds in high regard.

CSP Times: Thank you for taking this interview, Lindsay! As a busy entrepreneur in Hong Kong, where are your top restaurants and go-to dishes in Hong Kong for a quick, healthy and delicious meal?

Lindsay Jang: My FAMILY FOOD menu at The Upper House is my top choice for obvious reasons. The new salmon miso salad and the "Green Dream" smoothie are my go-tos.

CSPT: Where are three places/gyms/classes in Hong Kong to get fit, fast?


  1. FAMILY FORM (obviously) – our studio is in The Upper House

  2. XYZ – they have a great mix of classes and the space is beautiful

  3. Shelter Run Club – great community if running is your thing

CSPT: Where do you go for a wellness reset in Asia and why?

LJ: My friend has an amazing place on the beach close to Manila – I teach FAMILY FORM in a pagoda looking out at the water, eat fresh food, sleep early, etc. I'm also checking out Rakxa in Bangkok next month, which I'm super excited about.

CSPT: Where are your favourite hotels in Asia right now?

LJ: I love The Upper House because they do it the best – you always feel at HOME. I went to Capella in Bangkok last year, and it was beautiful, convenient, and comfortable, which is the definition of an urban resort.

CSPT: What are the top 3 wellness products you always travel with?


  1. MZ Skin red light mask

  2. Some type of Korean facial cleansing pad (super convenient for the plane)

  3. Thick night cream or an overnight mask (most places are much drier than Hong Kong so I moisturise constantly with the thickest cream)

CSPT: Any current favourite fitness/wellness brands we should know about?

LJ: I'm a diehard Lululemon leggings devotee. There's nothing like them when it comes to function, material, and quality. I'm usually in a bikini top when I exercise – until someone masters the sports bra, bikinis are always a better option.

CSPT: Any beauty treatments in Asia you're loving right now?

LJ: I first tried exosomes at Belo in Manila, and I am so excited that 10X Longevity is now offering them in Hong Kong! Profilo is an incredible skin booster, and I've been using it regularly instead of Rejuran. I highly recommend Seoul Clinic – Dr. Lee has built a space that brings Korea's high-quality aesthetic practice and customer experience to Hong Kong.

CSPT: What are your top tips for someone in Hong Kong who's trying to incorporate a healthier lifestyle?


LJ: Commit to doing something every day until you go from hating it to LOVING it. Choose wellness activities as hangouts with your friends. I've been hosting birthdays and team-building off-sites at 10X Longevity :)

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