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Celine & Joline Nehoray on How Beverly Hills Lingerie Takes Bold Bedroom Style to the Streets


Streetwear and lingerie don't typically go hand in hand, but for Celine and Joline Nehoray, it's a new style they've embraced with full force through the success of their brand, Beverly Hills Lingerie. The fashion trend has since captured the attention of many.

In 2018, the Nehoray sisters founded Beverly Hills Lingerie in hopes of empowering women through the simple act of dressing in beautiful lingerie. But what's the fun in keeping it concealed under layers of clothing?

Taking inspiration from 80s icons Madonna and Cher, the entrepreneurs sought to design the fun and sexy charm of streetwear lingerie for all women today which, when created with sophisticated lace craftsmanship, presents breathtaking pieces that softly hug the skin. Feminine, classy and sexy, the brand is here to redefine the image of luxury lingerie for women. It is adored by celebrities like Addison Rae and Amanda Steele amongst many others. And, Celine and Joline take femininity a step further by building an entirely women-led team.

Here, we chat with Celine and Joline Nehoray about their values in lingerie fashion and the stories behind Beverly Hills Lingerie.

1. What was the inspiration behind Beverly Hills Lingerie?

Beverly Hills Lingerie is a company created by women, for women. As sisters, we understand the importance of empowering and building other women up, and that is why we have an entirely female-led team. We see the act of indulging in one of our pieces as the ultimate love letter to yourself – buy yourself flowers, buy yourself champagne, and most importantly, buy yourself lace and silk lingerie. These acts of self-love that make up a beautiful day make up a beautiful life. And that is what, we believe, every woman deserves.

Ultimately, we want to redefine lingerie: reshape the way the world wears, thinks, and feels about lingerie. My sister and I launched Beverly Hills Lingerie in September 2018 when we noticed a gap in the “streetwear” lingerie industry. At age 18, I was a freshman studying pre-med at USC scouting through my own closet for lace bodysuits and bralettes to wear to the next fraternity party or out to a nightclub, while noticing other girls trying to do the same. However: only the brave and bold would buy something meant for the bedroom and take it to the streets. Beverly Hills Lingerie was built to blur these lines and merge this gap. Beverly Hills Lingerie encourages and inspires girls to confidently wear their lingerie in multiple ways. We style our carefully designed products as outerwear, nightwear, clubwear, sleepwear, loungewear, and beyond, being the first lingerie brand in the market to directly market our trademarked tagline “lingerie for a night in… or a night out.”

These acts of self-love that make up a beautiful day make up a beautiful life. And that is what, we believe, every woman deserves.

2. How would you define streetwear lingerie?

Pioneered by the likes of acclaimed icons Cher and Madonna, lingerie as streetwear was a developing trend in the 1980s. Taking note of the trend which has been fading in and out for decades, Beverly Hills Lingerie is in pursuit of preserving its special charm. Beverly Hills Lingerie is an ode to the 1980s trend of lingerie as streetwear – we think our pieces are too beautiful, and just too good a secret to be hidden away. We want to inspire every girl buying lingerie for the first time to feel as powerful as Madonna did singing on stage in that Gaultier cone bra. And so, building upon a long French tradition of lingerie and lace craftsmanship, we are bringing the luxury of Beverly Hills to the wider world, and to girls who haven’t necessarily been buying lingerie their whole lives. Lingerie is one of life’s greatest delights – and we think it should be affordable, approachable, yet luxurious. We want our bralettes and bodysuits to be an easy grab from a closet to style on a night out.

3. What were some challenges you faced when launching Beverly Hills Lingerie?

When we first started our business, quality control in the manufacturing process was a big challenge that, of course, no one could prepare you for – as was the same with most of the challenges we faced, the best-learned tools are from experiencing the challenges. We were learning how to pick and choose the fabrics, finishes, hardware, fits, etc. from manufacturers all the while trying to maintain and manage and match the quality to what we envisioned would be our business model and brand image. Still working with retail price points that match quality, wholesale price points that match the value of an item, etc., is a challenge we work through all our collections.

4. How do you intend to influence the luxury fashion industry?

We intend to influence the luxury fashion industry by not only keeping up with fast-growing trends but also by creating new ones. The luxury fashion market is one that moves as quickly as overnight. It is a highly saturated marketplace with endless emerging designers, innovative trends, and tons of competition, repetition, and imitation. We believe the only way to truly influence the market is to maintain that balance of staying consistent with the new, by paying homage to the old classic ways that work for women all over, but also by creating the new. Since lingerie is a timeless classic closet staple, it is considered a luxury and not a disposable item like a fast fashion influence.

5. What does fashion sustainability mean to you?

Being successfully sustainable in fashion, without greenwashing, could be approached and managed in several ways, and no matter what in this current landscape we try to commit to as many eco-friendly strategies as we can. Although we don’t use recycled or recyclable materials, we do, however, believe sustainability is the keynote of true luxury. We produce our collections in limited quantities to avoid leftover inventory and waste. And, since we think anything worth doing is worth doing slowly, (fast fashion isn’t our thing) almost every piece is created by hand, to the highest quality, in downtown Los Angeles by a manufacturer whom we have close relations with and have vetted the working environment and conditions of each employee there. Every piece we make is designed to last and be enjoyed for years to come, aiding in the global sustainable luxury fashion chain.

6. Can you share with us any upcoming projects or launches from Beverly Hills Lingerie?

We have an exciting winter collection release named The Feminine Divine, and after that some really cool accessory tops in the following collection. What The Feminine Divine means to us… ‘drop all of your defenses, especially with yourself. Not even your lover can penetrate to the very core of your being. By taking reigns of your feminine side, your unfiltered feminine desires, and your feminine power, you will open up channels and worlds within both yourself and others, ones you couldn’t have even dreamt up’. We can’t wait to share the new, and we can surely say that our quality definitely dances with style and while these products may be light, but carry major energy.


All imagery is provided by Beverly Hills Lingerie.

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